Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Days 22-26

Hello again,

Whew! It always seems like around the holidays time just seems to fleet by. I remember the old cliche that as we get older a year seems like a week, a week seems like a day and a day seems like an hour..... now I feel like a year seems like an hour..........WHAT is up with that ??? !

Nursing a bruised hip and knee from a fall last month. Seems to just not want to heal so quickly. Actually going for an X-ray this weekend..... Has slowed me down a lot. (...but not so much as to try to find my 5 minutes or so...

Been a fun few days. Hectic but fun. Find the FUN in whatever you do !!!!

 This one above was taken when I took a few moments to check out the lake. I even got the ducks in the lover half of the photo.... they were just doing their thing.  It was amazing to watch them and get away from a routine. I was watching the ducks do their own routine.......
 This one above is a shot of a great site to explore.... fun for the family or for the holidays to check out this site and see where your money travels. This particular bill has traveled 321 days before it was entered into the system again. It started out in Vineland and traveled to Galloway. Another bill I recently obtained traveled for 5 years before it was entered again and it started in NY. Over the years, I have had bills that traveled all over the Country and even a few out of the Country. This is a fun activity and it's free ! ( I don't get on the site all that much anymore as I'm so busy with the business. This challenge has forced me to spend a little more time to explore..... when I DO get on the site, it's so cool ! ) 
Taking another little break with my friend Andrew at the Blue Coyote cafe on Main Street in Mays Landing. It is now under new ownership and is a very cool place. I love the coffee mugs ! Check them out if you are in town !

To all the followers of this blog, the people who are taking the challenge and to our page-viewers from all over the World..... HAPPY THANKSGIVING... and a wonderful Holiday Season to go out to all of you !

Enjoy !

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