Sunday, November 9, 2014

"Live long and PROSPER" Day 7

.....This is my wish for all of you !

So sharing this story is going to be fun as it's inspirational to me so I hope you can find some of that for yourself..... Let's start with the photo:
So I had this stone.... (and I love these kinds of stones and the plain energy stones too)..... that said PROSPERITY.  When I do my mastermind series I set these stones up from time to time on the table. I also have this one:

Many of you may recognize it as the logo for my business. So I had the stones in a bag and when I finally went back to them , the prosperity stone was broken ! I believe the other stone was just too heavy in the bag and somehow that stone got broken. Well , of course, I did not and would not believe that my PROSPERITY was broken, I just decided and intended that I was going to have a "different" Prosperity and one can only hope this was a good thing. I made sure that THAT  is how I saw it. I believed in my heart that things were on the "change" again....... for the good......

So the next day, I go to the shop where I got the stone and try to get another one. They are out !  The ordered more of them while I was there. So I go back 2 more times and hey haven't come in yet. Then on this one particular day I go in ( 3rd time a charm) and they got in a handful of pcs. only. That was still great news for me . I ran over to the box where they are kept and I saw beautiful stones.....except they didn't say PROSPERITY.....................they said PROSPER !

I took that stone home and placed it on the counter. Since then a lot of good things, I mean REALLY good things started happening..... nothing overwhelming, however, it was exactly the positive change I wanted and look to the future for.......

Today, I will embark on a short trip to the stone store. I need to pick this stone up for someone else.... let's see what is in store for them with my strong energy beliefs.....

Follow your heart, live full, honest and loyal. Be kind to one another and of course, "Live long and PROSPER !"

Enjoy !
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