Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Does your mail make you feel popular? Day 3

Good Morning!

So I went to the thrift store looking for some kind of shelving and I found this great white piece of something..... It looked like sort of bread box without a cover with a shelf on top and a dowel going across .  It seemed to be part of something bigger by the markings on the back.

So I got this shelf/box thing and proceeded home to figure out a way to keep the thousands of pcs. of mail off the floor in my bedroom.  Does this happen to you???    There is NEVER enough room for any mail.  It is just so annoying lately.   I've made spots for mail before but I never designated a piece of furniture ( even though it's fairly small) just to the mail.   I'll keep you posted if this works. Now I have to make a system for it.

I'm looking forward to stepping outside on this Sunny day.  Just to take a breath of fresh air will feel good. Everyone in the household has been sick lately and I'm trying to avoid that. Been over-tired lately, if you may, but otherwise ok. I'm sure many of you can relate as this is the season for colds and various things that "bring us down".... So find a breath of fresh air to keep your mind clear.

Today's featured business/person is  Michelle Barber Verbit.   Not only is she one of our Javita Coffee leaders in this area, she is also a rep. for Melaleuca. ( products that are all natural and chemical free). She is one of the founders , along with her husband Andy, of GBAM industries. Here they work on many projects most of them to do with Green aspects of the environment.

This is a photo with Myself ( in the pink boots) Andy and Michelle, Chris Mantzaris ( Javita Guru) and founder of Javita, Stan Cerelstein.

Check her out at myjavita.com/gbam

Take care and make it a great day !

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