Sunday, November 2, 2014

Is it just me? Day 2

Good Morning,

Is it just me?..... or do many of us leave that "thing" that we've walked by in the house time and time again and said, "Got to get to that". So I got to that .....finally.....
Nice to see an empty table for a change, however that won't be the case for long for this is where i put my Holiday stuff !  So it's been almost a year of "Got to get to that".....

Does that happen to you?  This was a simple task yet I just kept putting it off over something else.
I can't say that I WANTED to do that but I got it done today.

Also today, I went to the local mall and walked off my breakfast about a half hour before they opened. It was interesting to see so many people in the Mall waiting for stores to open and hanging out.....

I met one of our featured people today for breakfast. Her name is Erin and she owns and operates
MAINSPRING SOCIAL MEDIA.   She is a social media expert. Not only can she help with Face Book, Twitter and the like, she also can come into your employment place and speak on Internet safety in the social media world. I'm really excited to have Erin speak at one of our upcoming workshops.  Check  it out  and enjoy your day !

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