Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sitting Days 10 and 11


So what happens to you when you just sit !  Do you reflect on any parts of your life? Do you rest your weary bones... LOL.... or are you just thinking about what to eat !!

Sometimes, when I sit, I think about all the things that happened up to that point.....

Let's go back to the day I posted the story about the PROSPER stone.
A friend of mine recently had a fire at his place of business. It wasn't a total loss, in fact, I do believe it was only a few days before he was up and running again. It is still a very scary and costly event.  So I went back to the store to get him a PROSPER stone. I felt like with all the new things he was trying to do in this renovated place , he needed one.

The next day, another friend posted on line about making a new way in her life..... I figured she could use one too. So I went to the store to get HER one also. I got them together, hoping there would still be a few left to get.                                

I also picked up one of my favorite kinds of stones and that is a Worry Stone. Do you know what that is? It takes the worry away from you when you use it.
Rubbing the stone in general is a good way to release the tension and worry. The indentation makes it easy to rub the stone without hurting or straining your hand muscles.
 Remembering that your left and right brain work opposite sides of the the stone in the hand of the side you want to release....for example if you want to release your creative side or your right place and rub the stone in your right hand- this occupies the left side of the brain and leaves the right side free-er so to say. Either way the benefits of the worry stone can be great.
Sometimes the color or type of stone you get warrants different healing properties.

So I picked up a worry stone for my friend. When I handed it to her, she dropped it and it landed on the pavement and it broke. Immediately thinking it was bad luck, she said, we determined that it was just something speaking to her - as she was going into her wallet to reveal a little folded note about the worry stone, just when I was handing it to her. So I went back and got one in a different color. I think this will work out fine.
Needless to say , it's been a busy couple of days......

What makes you think when you "plop" yourself down into a chair for a few moments......

What gives you that energy to get back up and moving again. ( or are you done for the night/day )

Found on Google: 
The brain's right hemisphere controls the muscles on the left side of the body, while the left hemisphere controls the muscles on the right side of the human body. When you wink your right eye, that's the left side of your brain at work. Because of this criss-cross wiring, damage to one side of the brain affects the opposite side of the body.

Maybe we should think about what we thing about when we just sit still..... maybe a different form of meditation !

Enjoy ! 

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