Thursday, November 6, 2014

What a jam packed couple of days ! 4, 5, and 6

So it's starting again.....Day 4, Day 5, Day 6.....

Just having to play catch up. I know it's just my crazy routine...... I'm making it great ! LOL

So Tues. I had the opportunity to visit again with Patti Lattanzi and Billy Carlucci at Filomena's Restaurant.   Each and every Tuesday , they record a "cruisin' oldies" show with Live entertainment for the radio. In fact, today is the day you can hear it on line at   ( cruisin' 92.1)  between 7 and 8 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Patti Lattanzi, Billy Carlucci and the 2nd "LA- Lucce"  Billy's brother in photo !

              Sneak Peek of Gentleman ( Diamond) Jimm and production Manager Dennis Burke !

It was great to see some of the people I haven't seen in awhile and meet and make some new friends.

Sat next to a gentleman who started a Beatles tribute group called "From Me to You".
Looking forward to going back again in 2 weeks to hear them on the show.

The show was fantastic, as usual. Just like I remember when I first met  everyone with the late Ted Prior. I find it so strange that I go up there this Tues., after not being there for some time, and there are 3 Elvis performers. Great job guys. See you again soon.  The magic and the power of 3's !
 I know Ted was watching !  Shout out to the late Ted Prior Star and founder of the "El -Live Show" - miss you my friend. May you rest in Peace and continue to watch over us !

Wed. I hired a director in my company. Yay !  See her photo below and help me welcome her to the 4 A STAR family officially. She has been helping us for some years now as we also manage her daughter, India. She is a super-star model and has the World at her feet.

Today, well it's early yet but I can tell you that I'm having lunch with a couple of friends and business associates at a local Indian Buffet near me. The real spicy stuff is not up my alley but I like the food on the milder side.  I haven't been to this buffet in awhile so I'm looking forward to a great lunch !

Go out and make it a great day !

Featured person of the day today is Evelyn Licona- Our new Director of Special Projects.
Evelyn will be working on finding events/clients for our Wedding division, castings for our models, and also eyes open for our new Balloon Artists doing "Deco Art" for special occasions.  We will talk about them tomorrow !

                                                                          Miss India

                                                      Our New Director- Evelyn Licona

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