Sunday, December 29, 2013

Up to Day 30 !

Well Christmas Day has come and gone yet we still find ourselves in the Holiday Spirit, getting ready to ring in a New Year. I must say this week has been as busy as the whole year has been in one fell swoop !

I hope you all enjoyed your Holiday, whatever you celebrate, and find yourselves in good health, wealth and happiness for the coming year.

I've been pushing myself hard these last few weeks ( well, let's say harder than usual !) and the past few days have taken a toll on my body. My brain says go for it and my body says, "Are you kidding me or what??? "

So today I stayed in bed most of the day.... watching the Hallmark Channel and enjoying some peace and quiet !  I'm s sucker for these cool holiday movies ! ( Well , movies in general)

Christmas day we went to see SAVING MR. BANKS.  I found that movie to be quite enjoyable and I love movies that revolve around true stories. I think they are the best stories as they come from very real experiences....

Today I also stumbled across some old family photos and I took a little time to reflect on my life when I was looking them over.

Also this week, I got to volunteer at the Life in Color event..... WOW ! It was crazy good fun. Extremely taxing on my body but enjoyable and for a good cause.

Let's keep our minds on our sights for the New Year and what we want to accomplish both personally and professionally. Remember we are adding our health and wellness segment to this blog and we will be jumping into that early in the New Year. Today I did leg exercises and meditated.  Take the time for YOU !  Close out the Year with great memories and bring in the New Year with an open hear and open mind to create new ones !

Enjoy !

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