Friday, December 6, 2013

Day 5

Dec. 5th entry:

So I have also decided to get on here first thing in the morning . Much easier and maybe I won't have to combine too many days this way ! LOL

So this entry is for Dec. 5th, Day 5.....

so above is our Virtual coffee house where you can find out all about weight loss/ energy all natural coffee to help you in your life !  

As we add this health and wellness aspect, I find myself with a big pain in the neck! NO, I DON'T MEAN MY FAMILY..............(kidding guys)
Seriously, just a sharp pain running from my neck down to my shoulder blade...... using natural treatment and getting to Doc. Brown on Monday . It actually feels a little better today but I just got up and the day is young!

I did a little stretching today. My shoulder and neck is inhibiting that a little................

Also, had the pleasure of brainstorming with Michelle as we put together a regular segment of coffee tastings for Coffee Thursdays !

Also sent our our 4 A STAR insider newsletter, Press Releases for a 3rd time for our 1st annual STEPS event coming up this Sunday and kept quite busy.  Our first ever STEPS event ( Success Talks from Extraordinary Platform Speakers) featuring

This is the first annual event and it's keeping me quite busy spreading the word...... 

Make it a great day, add a piece of health to your day and we shall talk again tomorrow !

I would also like to send light and love to our good friend and business associate Shaun Stephenson....Please keep her in your prayers as she goes through a difficult time in her life 

Enjoy !

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