Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Starting anew in December....

Dec. 3rd and 4th...

So for our new challenge we are at Day 4

We are now adding in our Health and Wellness portion of the challenge ! ( Bill, this is right up your alley !)
We have several health professionals that have come together to  bring a new excitement to health/ Wellness and all the things we look to early in the New Year..... WE are just getting a jump on it so your New Year's Resolutions can go to something else now ! LOL

Firs off , we will post the site of the new Healthy/ Weight Loss coffee at top of each blog from this day forward. If you know anyone or even you yourself that drinks coffee, this is fabulous.... you can even just go there and learn about all the good herbs and things being brought to us in ways to nourish our bodies.....

So let's get that in here first:

Next, Really beat myself up these past few weeks. Tough when you wear all the hats and I'm sure many of you can relate. My body is just screaming at me. I've been trying to get some extra sleep lately ! ( like the past 2 nights ! LOL....just going to bed weary but sleeping longer !)

I also had the wonderful opportunity to visit the brand new A/C bottle company restaurant Monday eve.
Here, we did a great photo shoot for one of our upcoming books featuring the cooks, Gabby and Michelle. Shout out to our photographer for the evening, Robert Redstar of Redstar Photography...

After the shoot, the cooks served up some portobello mushrooms and some eggplant salad dip to the folks coming in for the wine event. Not to mention we had some great wines along with that.

It was an exciting , special evening for all !

So let's get moving....both physically and mentally as we approach the end of the year and look forward to a bright 2014.

Enjoy !

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