Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 29

Interesting...... I was so tired from my weekend job today. Took Brie to the mall to shop for boots and by the time I got home, I was just totally exhausted. Feel asleep over the "blanket" (Gotta love multi-tasking) LOL
So I woke up and I hadn't done a thing today that was all that different from the norm. I mean, I hadn't gone to the mall in quite some time just to walk around , however, THAT wasn't something I really wanted to blog about.
So all that being said, what I did that was different  for me, was I watched 5 min. of the Telemudno television channel. Hey, I know a little French, a few words in Spanish, I'm sure I could pick up
SOMETHING!  Well, I picked up nothing in the language..... I happened to catch the last 5 or 6 min. of some movie.... Funny thing was, I didn't have to understand one word to get some kind of message. It's amazing when we think about it. Body language, situations, events that make it easy to understand people..... I got a lot of the emotion and circumstance just from the last few minutes of this film. I loved the actors as I watched them surround a cemetery plot and toast to a fallen soldier.....I couldn't understand what they were saying but I could understand what they were doing. You know they say a smile is universal. When you smile at someone, most of the time it's just natural for them to smile back. (and it doesn't matter what language it is )
Enjoy your night !
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