Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 13

Well this was interesting..... my "5 min." escape could turn into an addiction! Naahh.....
So I thought I would go onto the internet for no business purpose, facebook purpose, other purpose than just to have fun in the search bar.....
First, I typed in There was a site opened with NFL balloons. Cool ! ( or Coo, as they say now)
I always knew that you could pretty much type in anything and find SOMETHING.....however, I wanted to see what we could find just playing around.
So next I typed in Here I was taken to a site promoting a Disney Movie, Kingdom of Hearts. Then I typed in and found a note that this site was "under construction".  So of course, after stars, I typed in and was immediately taken to the Los Angeles Angels Baseball Team site.  So then I went to This was interesting as the site name has been registered and trademarked since 1994. That was it. The site existed.................
Next was  Here I had some choices. One of them was to "create animation". Under that title was a link to Full Sail.  (Full Sail is an institute for the artist/actor) I've been to their site before and actually spoke to a rep. there concerning a strategic liaison with my company............this was awhile ago.
So then I went to Here I found a place where you can order fine chocolates. Lots of chocolate Halloween candies to look at and drool over. Hahahaha
Then I went to where I found this site to be an online guide site to hair, fitness, and relaxation. was next. There you could search movie show times, trailers for movies etc.... you could even put in your zip code for local theatres and like the page at facebook !
The last place I went to (for now) was I loved this site for it was taken by a California by Odette Christiane.... I even subscribed to their free newsletter.
Being involved in the fashion industry, with my company, it was just a great place to visit.
These few minutes on line, yet away from the norm, were fun and interesting......
What did you do today?

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