Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Weight loss anyone?

Good Wednesday afternoon !

So I hope you are doing your squats. I think we should stay with 5 on each side as we are already into Wed. of the new week. Let's hold on that and on Monday we can look to add a few more. This way you are preparing your body. When these few squats become easy, you know it's time to add more !

Are you monitoring your body??? Remember it's not always about the #'s on the scale. Your body composition goes into a transition when you start to change it. You may notice looser fitting clothes or jewelry, inched that go away.... that doesn't always reflect on a scale right away so don't get discouraged. Your body will change once you get into a habit of changing it.

So let's talk weight loss... many of you have seen the company we are now involved with- JAVITA.
This is an all natural weight loss coffee and tea. It's Kosher and Gluten Free.
This is Brazilian coffee infused with natural herbs that suppress your appetite. The Japanese Green Tea is also infused with these herbs. This tea comes from a 4th generation of tea growers. This particular tea is found at the base of Mt. Fuji.
Also infused into our energy and mind blend are herbs that help with ADD/ ADHD and herbs used in treating Alzheimer patients. Very good for clarity and focus. Excellent for a college student who wants to stay up and study without using a DRUG to do it !

Visit and check out the videos and information. There is also more information at  and 

If you are in the area, join us tomorrow for a coffee tasting and presentation  ....followed by an optional training and lunch ( 10.00 for lunch- tasting is free).

11:30  JD's pub in Galloway, NJ

Have a wonderful Day !

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