Thursday, June 5, 2014

Wednesday's Information Station

 Good morning,

So here we go where I fall asleep over some program and wake up at 3 AM and need to wind down .... LOL

How are we making out with squats..... 10 should be easy ( 5 starting out with each leg).... you can learn how to do them correctly with just 10. Take your time..... We are going to rock the squats!

Next healthy coffee presentations to take place Thursday ( later today) at 11:30 at the Sunryser in Absecon/Galloway, NJ   and next Thurs. at 11:30 at JD's pub in Galloway. ( Next Thurs. followed by training).

If you are not local and are interested in seeing  the full presentation, you can reach out to me at    We can set up a live Internet presentation too !  You can also watch the videos on your own by following the butterfly or by going directly to 
With the live presentations, I can answer questions and explain how it all works.
All natural healthy weight loss coffee and tea ! Delicious !

With Atlantic City Fashion week heading for Sept. Fashions, get your chance to shine at the castings coming up the end of June.... here is a photo from the past Season at the show.... Love the wedding ideas ! Hint, Hint....  Visit our Web page for casting information or Visit Atlantic City Fashion Week on Face Book !

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