Monday, June 2, 2014

New Challenge: The Information Station

Hello Balcony Bloggers !

Well, I did some thinking today, and I must say it was tough to think coming off a busy event-filled weekend.... and I want to try another shorter blog challenge.... not because it's shorter.... because I missed blogging everyday...when I did the challenge I was forced to do it and I loved it ! Then the new challenges just didn't cut it.... Now we are going to cut it !!!! LOL

Granted, a few things I've tried did not pan out the way I would have liked them to but we will try again.... since out 365 day blog challenge, I miss my time here ! I loved some of the things we did in that challenge. 

This time, going to do a Summer Challenge..... June 1st (today) Til Sept. 1st..... 3 months.... so this is going to be the Information Station for health and new ideas....

We are going to focus on health challenges  with simple exercises you can try at home.  Also, new ideas and information on healthy , weight loss coffee and tea !

I want to start a squat challenge going. Let's see how far we get. Easy squats, 5 each day for the first week. We can all do that. Make sure you are just sitting like you would into a chair, and when you come up that you squeeze those glutes!

Tomorrow we start with squats.   Tomorrow we start with coffee info..... AND Tomorrow we start with the eWomen Radio show and your host Sylvia Henderson....


So start with 5 squats today, I'm enclosing your coffee short tip today and check out Sylvia's show !
As we start to explore here with the  INFORMATION STATION...

See the latest info from Sylvia's Show

Coffee Talk today:      Studies have shown that our all natural coffee can help in the stand against breast cancer. It is to your benefit to just check it out !  Find the info at

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