Sunday, November 26, 2017

Elvis Tribute Spotlight # 4 fills us with "Joy" and Peter Alden

Hello friends and fans. We are here with Spotlight # 4 of our ETA special edition with facts from Krista Joy on the fabulous ETA style of Peter Alden....

Let me first say that a lot goes into me getting the "story" for these special editions. I love to be able to meet and/or talk with the artist themselves yet that is not always possible. I do the best I can to bring you the best story I can render on our special ETA'S.... I did, however, for this piece, have the pleasure of speaking with Booking Agent Krista Joy.... boy is she herself talented and creative and I just fell in love with talking to her... we will expand on HER story below as well.....

Right now, Let's take a look at the Life of Peter Alden.... You can visit his Face Book fan page
PETER ALDEN FANS and stay up to date there too.... also, ALL of Peter's information can be found on his web page 

I took a listen to an interview of Peter on the Geri Petito Show. (find her on Face Book).. ...crazy, I'm going to be on her show next week and I'm so excited about that. Shout out to you Geri. What a great interview this was. I heard Peter's deep voice and even got to hear him close out the show with a little of "How Great Thou Art" . You can find that song on a Gospel album Peter has also released. If you'd like to see the entire interview head over to the Face Book page of Krista Joy and check it out....  Elvis won 3 Grammy's for his Gospel work. This was one of the songs that was recognized in his illustrious career.

Peter is interesting as he does several different tributes. He does a whole Elvis show... and one is coming up in Dec. so check that out..........

................yet he also does a few other things... like Dean Martin working with the Corvairs....
He works with a band known as Splashback which is a tribute to the Beach Boys  and does an entire show as a Ricky Nelson Tribute Artist as well.

One of the things I thought that was interesting in his interview with Geri is that he was talking about a new show he is working on called  Mr. 57.... this is an Idols tribute of sorts.... Fitting as American Idol comes back to us in 2018.... Peter tags the show with "....before there was American Idol, there was American Bandstand"... and he goes on to discuss Dick Clark and all the memories many of us share there.... So I'm truly grateful to bring this spotlight to you as one of the show panelists asked,
"What's a bandstand?".... Well, for those of you that know , this was truly funny !  Peter proceeded to describe what Bandstand was and what Dick Clark represented then.... he said he felt rally old doing I feel really old !  I WAS a kid when I used to watch it....  So needless to say, there was no lack of conversation talking about Bandstand, Mr. 57, Ricky Nelson and of course, our favorite, ELVIS !

Check  out Peter's web page and see when you can catch a glimpse of one of his shows.... Thank you, Peter for being part of our ETA spotlight this month....
We will feature an ETA ( Elvis Tribute Artist ) on the last Sunday of each month....

Krista Joy is not only Peter's Girlfriend.... oooh la la, yet she handles all the bookings, does the fan club newsletter,  is President of Peter's Fan club and still finds time to inject us with her creative endeavors.... She is an Elvis fan and a Disney fan and has had the wonderful opportunity to turn her passion for Disney into her own personal and successful web page:  Krista is also a social media expert and web designer.  She has been able to sit in with the coveted 33 Club at Disney with  Disney 'Imagineers' and other insiders. She is also the Narrator of   Enchanted Secrets of Disneyland   produced by themeparkology !
Currently she is working on TCB radio which is another passion.... We are so lucky to have Peter and Krista joining us in this month's spotlight !

Please note that Krista is not affiliated or employed by the Disney company or Elvis Presley Enterprises - she is just a fan - with a passion for sharing her interest and love of these 2 entities with others.

Thank you again... stop by for downloads and information about purchasing his music.

 We, at 4 A STAR and AVA's Eye Bagz  are honored to know you both ! Happy Holidays from Ava, your Balcony Blogger......

Enjoy !



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