Monday, November 6, 2017

How do you PLAY today???

Hello all,

Whew ! It's Monday evening and I'm just getting in here. Another crazy yet wonderful weekend in the world of the "Arts".... And where is the time going? It's already November and Thanksgiving is just around the corner.... Welcome to this edition of Ava's Allocations from the Balcony Blogger !

So do you remember how to play?  Did your parents tell you to go play in traffic just to get you out of the house?  Do you PLAY on your laptop or your phone?  I like to do it all.... play outside....maybe not in traffic LOL, yet outside for a brisk walk... a game  of some sort... I also like to play on my ipad  ....some of the games, anyway..... Well last weekend I had the honor and pleasure of meeting some people who play in style.... boy do they play !  I'm talking  GAME A CON...that was right here in AC.... (Atlantic City, N.J.)
check out Play All Gaming, LLC for more info......

I also met some of the coolest people in panel discussions that we will be talking about again soon.... Kati Coe  and Skyward Song.... sure left THEM Holding the bag!  Hahahaha.....

Actually, they were so gracious to me. I was blown away by the panel... Skyward Song, C3Cosplay and Kati Coe...stay tuned for more about them.... in the meantime... it's Game a Con AC Baby !

This first video was a promo for the event.....then move on to the one below, a  5 minute video that explains Game A Con  ( Game Arts Conference) and takes you on a little journey inside......

So this was really all new to me.... I am still learning about a lot of the electronic games and I was really enjoying the panel discussions on Cosplay.... yet there were laser tag rooms, hands on games, artists like Raisa E. Cabrera among others... and lots of fun....even caught Polanco and the Mr. playing some games...

 another of my favorites was the Yogibo bean bag may have seen them on the business segment of MSNBC.... It was so cool to see them in person....

There was so much planned for activities and panels , even You tube panelists and a performance from Nerd Surge !

                                                 Met these guys before.... way cool !

All in all, I hope they come back to AC next year bigger and better. We had a blast in AC at Game a Con !

Enjoy !


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