Sunday, November 12, 2017

Coffee anyone? Bagel? Cake? Comfy Couch???

Good Sunday evening and we are back...from the Balcony Blogger with this week's post !

Say hello to Deborah and Mark Becker of Barista's Coffee Shop now located in Linwood, N.J.

If you are out this way, this is a 'MUST DO' !!!!  As it is stated inside the shop,
"Time stands still at Barista's".... When you walk in you just want to spend time there...from the warm brown and tan tones to the soft comfy couches . From the selection of papers to read to the freshly made meals done right in the back.... and , oh yes, did we forget something.....?????

                                                                        COFFEE !!!!!

The best coffee around is at Barista's. Now if you remember, we did a post about Barista's some time they have moved to new location and it's time to visit and re-visit Barista's Coffee shop.

With freshly made meals prepared on the premises, Barista's hits the spot for your breakfast and lunch taste buds....even if you are not a coffee drinker, you can find something at Barista' Gelato, Coconut Cake, Delicious Bagels and more.....

Mark and Debbie are also friends of mine. We go back a number of years , BC... ( Before Coffee)
Well before the coffee shop anyway , LOL.

                                                     PHOTO FROM THE LOCAL PAPER

It was 15 years in the imagination of Debbie and Mark to have a coffee shop. They put a lot of thought and actual physical effort into opening a business in Galloway in 2008.  When that lease was up, it was time for something new.... a new place for coffee.... So the Becker's took a year off to work on logistics and work out things as we all do when we need to move to the next level....

Finding an old Art Gallery in Central Square, Linwood seemed like a cool place to go. It took many months to convert the space into what it is today, even after taking a year off.....Yet hard work and perseverance took over and soon it became the Barista's in Linwood  we know now.... with much of the construction and over-haul done by the Becker's themselves....

If you want good great coffee.... great food, great atmosphere and to be around a great couple serving it up, head over to Barista's while you are in town....

199 New Road, Suite 10
Central Square
Linwood, N.J. 
609 904 2990

....and tell them Ava sent you !..... 

Enjoy !

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