Saturday, February 23, 2013

Day 143

Wow ! We are at 4100 Page views to current..... Very cool Thank you for checking us out and taking the "Balcony Blogger Challenge".....

So today was a strange day. Things were just swooping down and around and it wasn't til the dinner time hour ( well what you may consider a normal dinner time hour) that I was able to relax a little with some great friends.

I had planned a dinner engagement with some friends I knew when Brie ( my daughter) was little. We used to live next door to them and on many occasions, Vicky would watch Brie for me. It was nice to have such nice people as neighbors. Vicky and Frank became like part of the family. Vicky used to decorate so cool for Halloween..... she would even stand outside dressed in whatever theme was going on that year, and hand out candy. We used to love stopping at "Aunt Vicky and Uncle Frank's " House ! LOL

So since we moved, we haven't really seen them much. I happened to be in their area one day and saw the car in the driveway.... I stopped in.... and it was like old times. We made these dinner plans for the middle of this week....... in checking those plans, both of us had to re-schedule. So I'm sitting in dunkin donuts at a meeting and I get a call from Vicky..... As soon as I heard her voice I was like, "We were supposed to have dinner tonight , right?"

We scrambled.... and turned a hectic day into a great time with some old friends. It doesn't matter how you make the change in your day, or how you figure out how to do something different or something you haven't done before..... just figure SOMETHING out and do it.......when you look back, it will be so gratifying. We actually made plans again for the near future.
Enjoy !

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