Sunday, July 30, 2017

What is your favorite Beveridge?...or in this case, WHO....?

Hi all,

We are just shy of 50,000 readers now so first let me say thank you as we discuss Beveridges....

They say coffee is the #2 Worldwide Beveridge 2nd to Water ( as you need water to make coffee)....
Yet is the World Ready for the Real #1 Beveridge as I say to the others MOVE OVER and let the Queen walk through ..... I'm talking about the one and only Beverly Beveridge !

What is unique about Bev. is that I find her to be a creative soul, similar to myself. She has utilized all of her talents and keeps as much of that on the table as she possibly can....

Vice President at large of the Greater Atlantic City Public Relations ( PR) Council, Beverly is no stranger to the unique aspect of the business we call "People" !   Public Relations or PR is very interesting work. You can find many the Actor/Actress, Journalist, Promoter, and even Business Tycoon in the realm of PR work at various times in their careers. Sometimes I think it's just an extension of what we do when we work with People.

Beverly came to the PR council with a Jersey License in the Jersey Shore Public Relations Agency.
There, she has covered and promoted events State Wide. She has been the co-host of Radio 1450 WCTC with Tuesday Tunes at 2 and also a host with Jersey Juice.  She has written for the likes of and Hibu Magazine. She also does Restaurant Reviews for events/Magazines  such as Jersey Bites... I guess you could call her a Social Media Maven !  ( ....and I'm not just talking on line...she is out there doing it every day !)

Beverly also writes and teaches piano in her own private studio. I do believe a connection to the Arts makes for the best journalists and writers... it's just in the blood so to say ! LOL
Another outlet of Beverly's and something I just love is the Barefoot Sandal. You have to find her on Face Book -- connect with her --  and get yourself some barefoot sandal ! ( Of course, I mean one for each foot !)

These are designed by Beverly and sold across the Country ! You can find Bev just about anywhere with her sandals in tow ( Not TOE...although that would work too !)

Find her on Face Book at Jersey Girl Barefoot Sandal on twitter
@jerseygirlbarefootsandal  or reach out to me at
for any and all information on my blog spotlights
Coming soon, we will be adding a once a month feature..... stay tuned on that..... 
Beverly will also be appearing in the fashion statement segment of my on line TV show, "Ava's Casual Chat" that airs every 4th Tues. at  She is also a guest in this episode along with Bill Cradle , President of the Greater Atlantic City PR Council. Catch that episode on August 24th at 2:00 Eastern
You will also be able to find some "Barefoot Sandal" inside our purses as one of our special gifts ! 
You never know what gift you may get yet all are hand selected and in line with our Empowerment Brand
Ava's Eye Bagz launching in November !
In the meantime, grab YOUR favorite Beveridge and take a look at mine.... meet 
Beverly Beveridge and make sure you get a photo with her..... and, oh yes, 
Tell her Ava sent you !

Enjoy !

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