Saturday, July 1, 2017

A dozen bagels right here !


Well, returning from Vegas recently has been more than challenging.... missed you all last week yet we are back and talking bagels!  I wanted to title this the great bagel debate....yet I couldn't find the debate I was looking for in over a dozen
I decided that I would express my own thoughts on this.........and you decide on this particular bagel debate.

Today you can get bagels in any way shape or form ( of course, still round). I mean, gluten free, fat free, plain and a GA-Zillion flavors...never mind the flavors of jams , cream cheese and other toppings to create mouth watering eats !
In fact, I'm glad I'm heading out to meet my husband for dinner shortly as I got really hungry looking at all the bagels !!!!

So here's the thing.....

The bagels are on the tray cut in half for your convenience.... ( and that's the key--cut in half)
It doesn't matter if they are cut long ways.... or short ways.... Either way they usually look terrific on the tray.

So let's say you only want half a bagel?   How do you take that half?  Do you make sure you have a top and a bottom? you take the entire top half....leaving just the bottom ( with no toppings) for someone else.

I looked at over a dozen sites and I couldn't find this debate anyplace? I just don't think it's right to take the entire top piece of the bagel? Aren't you supposed to take a top/ bottom??? Isn't that fair to everyone ( including the bagel). Who is going to eat just the bottom ??????

I have seen it many times, people taking half a bagel yet just taking the top half. What is up with that????

If you find a site that addresses this situation , let me know and we'll talk further on this....

In the meantime, enjoy these dozen bagels here..... enjoy your 4th of July Holiday !  What?  Hot dogs, burgers, corn, chicken....step aside and let's grab a bagel !!!! ( well , at least in the morning !)

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