Saturday, July 8, 2017

Baby, Baby, Baby.....

Hello all,

Hope everyone had a nice 4th of July here in the U.S. and a great week elsewhere in the World. Thank you for taking the time to come over and read here.... We are getting very close to that 50,000 reader mark and I'm thrilled to share that with you. Thank you !

So this week....Step aside Oooh Baby -- move over  Happy Birthday, Baby --  Open up the circle Vegas, Baby --  there's some other "Baby's" on the block and there's plenty of room for all of you....

Let's talk CD BABY and BOOK BABY !

Meet President of Book Baby Steven Spatz and Senior Publishing Specialist Mike Taylor
(Not pictured: Ted Deacon- Account Executive CD Baby)

Located in nearby Pennsauken, New Jersey - CD Baby and Book Baby stem from a larger company called DISC MAKERS.  Seeing a need for a place to help Authors and Musicians move through the current climate of their respective industries, CD Baby and Book Baby bring you on that journey.  Of course, if you don't want to do all the work that goes with the process, come to 4 A STAR and we will handle that part of it for you.  CD Baby and Book Baby are providing a much needed service to those that are looking to get their books and music into the mainstream from a grass roots perspective. There is even an area where an established artist / author can take advantage of the services provided by both. From packaging to editing they can do it all....

Steven talks about -  Reading in the age of high tech, costs, publishing crossroads and more in his book THE END.  NOW WHAT?!

We start with Book Baby... taking self publishing to new heights. Book Baby is there with options including in house editors and various sizes and choices in the books you want to create and publish.
We, here at 4 A STAR, are there to help you bridge the gap in your self publishing goals and Book Baby is just the place to take those goals to a higher place....

What I loved most about meeting the "boys" at Book Baby and CD baby was their willingness to hear what I brought to the table and their willingness to engage in a business relationship with my Company.  We all had a chance to talk about our goals and projects, things that we offer our clients etc... I think it's going to be a beautiful relationship.... ( Oooh sounds like the end line of a movie !)

Thank you Maddie for the research in finding book baby and putting me together with them.

A couple of must haves at Book Baby are:

5 Steps to Self Publishing by Steven Spatz     and
The end. Now what?!  also by Steven Spatz

Let's now talk CD Baby.... CD baby, many of you know as the place that artists go to print/package and design their music discs...
There are also distribution packages available  ! ( For both CD Baby and Book Baby)

As 4 A STAR moves in the intricate places surrounding the entertainment industry as a whole, DISC MAKERS saw that same thread in the music and book scene. While working with CD Baby on the ways to improve and impact the music industry, they saw the niche and the need for the same type of concept concerning authors and their books.

This is such a natural fit for my Company, 4 A STAR,  as we will be able to offer more to our clients. By building the relationship with both CD Baby and Book Baby- new goals and dreams can be reached by all.

Both Ted and Mike took the time to go over all the products and services they can offer clients. We then talked about different options, packaging, offers etc... that would go along with any indie music artist or indie author.

It was truly an exciting meeting.  In my research, I have heard nothing but great things about  CD baby. Book baby also lives up to that standard of professionalism and follow through. Something many companies lack these days.

I am thrilled to be able to say that we are looking to build a long and lasting relationship with both CD Baby and Book Baby.

Now, get ready for an exciting  Conference they have planned coming this November, just before we launch Ava's Eye Bagz !

The Independent Authors Conference.... if you are in the Philadelphia area this November, check it out....

As always, you can contact me for any and all information from my blog posts.
Now go create.... and let us help you along the way !

Enjoy !

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