Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Rock ON with Marlton Rocks !!

Good Wednesday Morning all !

This is my office day so I'm usually not in here on a Wednesday blogging, yet the trip to Niagra Falls set my weekend a little awry.... funny how things happen..... see what you "gather" from this
 blog post...and thanks for spending some time with us here !

First, going to post this "ROCK" photo...then I'll share the story.....

Let's start with the beautiful Julian T. Ross who lost his battle with Cancer on Aug. 8th of 2015. 
(My thoughts are now connected to the family forever)
Diagnosed with a Neuroblastoma at just 6 years old, and no real way to treat it, Doctors were at a loss.....a clinical trial was what took place next. Of around 100 children, Julian was able to gain some time with this trial and the only one it seemed to work for. He was actually in remission for some time yet when the cancer returned, it returned with a vengeance. 
According to his Mom, Kristi, Julian had an army of supporters.  ( Over 30,000 on FaceBook) 
"He left his bed, he laughed and he met each day filled with joy. He did many incredible things in his short life. He was the 2nd youngest cadet inducted at West Point. He was made an honorary petty officer in the Navy at Norfolk, VA, an honorary sergeant with the 10th mountain division at Fort Drum, an honorary fireman and police officer and even has 2 flight hours flying a plane", Kristi tells us.... He got to meet people from all walks of life and careers.... Generals, singers, athletes...
Kristi goes on to tell us that the one thing closest to his heart was giving back. Julian would collect toys and would fill the treasure box at CHOP. He was passionate about raising money to find a cure for childhood cancer. You can read all about him and join his army of fans on FB at 
Julian's Joust !

Marlton Rocks was set up in Memory of Julian.... Now let me share how we got connected !
So my friend and business associate , Michelle, was telling me about this cool page MARLTON ROCKS. Her daughter, Gabby, shares the same birthday as Julian....So Michelle and I  met for coffee the morning of the day my husband ( ART) and I drove to Niagra Falls. I just love all that cool interesting "stuff" and with the pocketbooks approaching launch, we are still looking for a few more charities to help with our give back component. I was intrigued to hear more....
So I reached out to the page and received a phone call that evening at dinner.... we were still in our travels to the falls..... we spent the night in Syracuse, NY and then continued on the next day with only a few hours of driving left.... the funny thing was.... Kristi and the family moved out to Marlton from Syracuse , NY.... and when I mentioned going to Niagra Falls, Kristi proceeded to tell me about one of Julian's favorite places on the US side of the falls..... I was actually in tears talking with her about it.....

Marlton Rocks was created by Sharon Riches to help spread awareness and keep Julian's legacy alive. 

So initially, we were to visit only the US side of the Falls....that changed and we wound up on the Canadian side (gorgeous). We will be going back in the near future and visiting the site that Julian loved so much. In the meantime, I - also teary-eyed - said a great big hello to Julian from his MOM on the Canadian side where I shot this photo.... interestingly enough, I couldn't see what I was taking as the sun was completely taking over my screen..... this is what I got--including the natural rainbow !

This shot was taken through the restaurant window that overlooks the falls......

All amazing..... I was really proud that I was able to say hi to Julian while I was there.... never even knowing him.......

So let's get back to Marlton Rocks .......

Encouraging you to PAINT A ROCK,  TAKE A PICTURE OF IT, PLACE IT IN A PUBLIC AREA - AND POST IT TO THE PAGE...encouraging the finder to the FB page....the finder would take a pic. of the rock and where they found it.... 
You can honor anyone on your rock....Now ....there are rocks showing up all over the Country !

So visit Julian's Joust on FaceBook, find and paint your rock and let me know how YOUR magical journey puts a stamp on the World !

Enjoy !


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