Saturday, May 27, 2017

Eyes on your Feet?????

Hello and welcome to Memorial Day Weekend.....

Hope you are all having a great time wherever you are spending that time !

So... let's talk "Eyes on your Feet"....


With the Brilliance of Artist Terrence Kingg and Video master Marco Panting ( the Mister)...

"Eyes on your feet " comes to life after over 5 years of being in my imagination ! Thank you boys ! Now let's do this !!!

So "Eyes on your Feet" is an ongoing campaign to keep us aware of the ever growing cases of Brain Cancer and Death from Brain Cancer.  Many of you know that I lost my Mom ( We, my whole family lost....) to Brain Cancer 8 years ago.... 5 months later, we lost Dad and thanks to a subliminal message from one of my sports favs Kareem Abdul -Jabbar, I started the eeFuerst Foundation for Brain Cancer Research. Within a month, I had the full support of the National Brain Tumor Society.

 Located in the heart of Boston, Mass. , the National Brain Tumor Society is there for not only support, yet to raise awareness and find a hope to better deal with  the 144 different kinds of brain tumors that exist.
6 years ago, we lost our good friend, Elvis Tribute Artist - Ted Prior. He actually passed from the same disorder my Mom had. Last month, we lost my father-in-law to  Brain Cancer. We also lost local friends and advocates including Gary Panter, Arlene Blosch, and Nancy Seid to name a few.....

So what are we going to do? You also may know that we are on a mission with 21 other charities to launch Ava's Eye Bagz to keep the help going all the time. I know you may have a specific charitable organization you support.... now we can rotate the giving with charities all across the Globe. I am starting with the one near and dear to me ....Brain Cancer.

Here's what we are doing... first, SAVE THE DATE OCT. 6TH for the first annual
  DANCE-A-THON for brain Cancer. ( Details will unfold soon)

  After the 29th ( of this month) you will be able to submit your registration for the event, purchase sneakers if you like to dance in, and find out all the info at the 4 A STAR site....

Next, we are raising awareness ABOUT the Dance-a-thon with live videos and creating community by taking steps towards a breakthrough !  We want 1 MILLION steps, Calculated yet not counted, between May 29th and Sept. 29th.... Here is how you can get involved !


If you want to create your own recordings and walk.... you MAY have your video selected to be played at the Live Dance-a- thon event.  All you have to do is record what you are doing and send it either by email or flash drive to Mr. Panting at   OR
Mail in your DVD to  :
 Prime Storage Care of 4 A STAR
6649 Black Horse Pike 
Egg Harbor, Twp., NJ 08234
PMB 18  ( make sure you have this # on it  so it goes into our mailbox)

We are coming to you with these videos from the New Smithville Square Shopping Center-- particularly from the iconic JD's pub !  Check out the new patio.... we love doing events here so stop in and see what they are doing out this way in Galloway, NJ.....

            DANCE A THON DATE IS OCT. 6TH 

We will also announce on FB and Twitter Where we will be the night before we walk someplace-
 so that if you want to join us , you can come out and walk  too !  Just for fun , health and awareness. We won't be walking fast or terribly far each time.... yet it will be a nice walk so we can count steps on our quest for 1 Million steps before the Dance-a-thon !

I can tell you now that this coming Monday, the 29th, we will be walking in New York City....
time  and location will be posted tomorrow eve. on FB.  Most likely it will be around 3:00 in the afternoon . More deets will come tomorrow .  In 2 weeks, we'll be walking in Las Vegas, NV and in August we'll be walking in Dallas, TX at the eWomen Network Conference just to name a few places.  As I said earlier, we will also walk 1/2 of the Ocean City Bridge.... other places we may walk are the Atlantic City Boardwalk, Ocean City Boardwalk and more places will follow !

Summer is coming so let's get moving...what better way to get it going than taking steps with us for Brain Cancer.

Big shout outs to our amazing artist, Terrence Kingg, the "Kingg of Urban Design".
 Welcome to the 4 A STAR family...
and to the New "Mr." in town....Mr. Panting  Photo/Video.... without you, none of this would even be possible !  Thank you !

Enjoy !

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