Saturday, June 3, 2017

Reach and Pull and Kick .....

....that's what you will hear when you come into the World of the beginner Swimmer at the Brigantine Aquatic Center and the Galloway Swim Club....

Let me start by introducing the founders.... Meet Robin and Chuck Taylor.... giving a whole new meaning to a dollar and a dream..... well lots more than a dollar yet the dream is kept alive every day!

So what is Reach and pull and kick???? If you learned how to swim with this method, you know exactly what it is.... if you didn't, take a stroll into the Brigantine Aquatic Center during a child lesson and see how it is used....

With drowning still being on the forefront of infant/child death- see how the BAC ( Brigantine Aquatic Center ) is making a difference.

Swimming most of her life, Robing Taylor along with her husband Chuck, opened the BAC in 2001 to create a safe environment for children of all ages to learn to swim. Many people, both children and adults, that live here in the Shore area of New Jersey, still don't even know how to swim.


Reach out, follow that dream and don't give up on what you feel in your heart .


Pull for each other.... shortly after the center opened , a quest for a swim team became a reality.
 From naming the team - named for the ever popular green head fly that is the annoyance of any Summer Vacation here in Brigantine - to  cultivating, training, learning and teaching this young team how to PULL for each other.  How the team has grown in confidence and status is amazing. In a few short years the Brigantine Green Heads have become one of the top Swim Teams in the Entire State.
 ( Annoying the heck out of the competition like any good Green Head)

Pulling for each other takes on another meaning when you now teach children not only to Swim, not only to be part of a team yet now to give back.... with the USA Swimming Make a Splash Foundation the BAC is one of only a select few that is doing something. Make a Splash raises money to provide children who may not have the means - with towels, goggles, swimsuits, lessons and the list goes on.... encouraging the best exercise you can give to yourself....swimming !
 In 2014 , an opportunity came about to open a Seasonal Swim Club. The Taylors, along with a couple of partners, opened the Galloway Swim Club with the idea of doing fun and exciting things in this Seasonal Space around swimming... from Swim meets to dances, there is always something going on at the Galloway Swim Club. The Galloway Swim Club ( GSC) is open from  Memorial Weekend til the end of the Summer....
Next week, on June 10th , there will be "Make a Splash Day" with free swim lessons to Galloway Township Residents and healthy lifestyle vendors set up to teach us.... blood pressure exhibits, healthy food tables and the like....then back on the 11th for the Cannon Ball contest for Autism !
WOW !!

 If you are in the area, you should stop by and check it out. Say hi to Robin and Chuck and oh yes, tell them AVA sent you !
If you are reading from around the World, and I know you do, stay with us via Face Book , You Tube and all the social media places you can laugh with us and learn with us. Visit YOUR local Swim Center and take the plunge when you can.... learn to swim or teach... or exercise.... or relax .....

You just never know who you may see at either of the Swim Centers ( BAC) or (GSC)... like this photo taken with Olympic Gold Medalist Jason Lezak ! ( Jason was brought out to teach a Seminar)

And now we come to KICK !

Don't kick yourself because you can't swim !  Take that first step no matter how old or young you are.... Miss Robin takes babies as young as 6 months old.... (yet there have been circumstances where she will take them younger)  For the most part is 6 months and up....
Check out this video.... this video is several years old yet still warms your heart... with over 8,500 views...... Miss Robin in Action with one of the infant swimmers !

I have to give props to the wonderful staff that the Taylors employ. Many of them coming right out of the swimming ranks....
Being with the Centers since they opened are head coach Sari Puzio Carroll 
Instructors/ Coaches/   Cathe Wood, Brieanne Lewis,  Celeste Bryzgornia and Corrie Elich
Others have recently come aboard to make the Centers the most well rounded places to call your Swimming homes.... 

contact Miss Robin at 609 266 SWIM.... for all your swimming needs and concerns.... and as always, you can always reach out to me here or through our web page !  

Enjoy !

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