Friday, June 9, 2017

Rolllin' Rollin' Rollin'......Here we come.........

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Welcome to Ava's Allocations and the Balcony Blogger !   Thank you for taking this blog to 48,000 readers and counting......

 I am so excited about all the crazy yet good things that are coming about. It has taken a long time yet we just keep Rollin' along and you have to do that too, no matter what your goals are....just keep rollin'....

We are Rollin' in this weekend with our soft launch of

                                             "EYE ON THE SHORE BRIDAL TOURS" !
                                          -We've put the celebration right into the planning !-



 Meet Mari Dattolo - Event Director
Meet Ava Holly ( Yours Truly) - Event Director

     Mari Dattolo and Ava Holly are no strangers to reinventing themselves as their careers in the hospitality field have evolved.  At a time in life when most people are planning their retirement years, these two longtime business friends are delving into the next chapter of their stories. Both having grown up on the beaches of Seaside Heights and spent decades since working in Atlantic City, their careers kept them loyal to the Jersey Shore.  As professionals in the wedding industry, their resumes have run the gamut from DJ-ing to Wedding Consulting, Officiating to Event Planning.  Ava, CEO/Owner of '4 A Star', coordinates all aspects of fashion, entertainment and events from Atlantic City to New York City. Similarly, Mari CEO/Owner of 'Little Angels Princess Events', coordinates both private and public events from small groups to larger scale productions.

This past year, they joined forces to develop a unique and innovative project for both the bridal market and the state’s tourism economy. In the spirit of New Jersey’s hospitality industry -in cooperation with  Ocean County based, 'Jersey Shore Wedding Association',  they hope  to elevate  traditional bridal marketing with the launch of  “Eye on the Shore Bridal Tours”.  According to Dattolo, “Galloway Township in Atlantic County offers more offshore function space per square foot than anywhere in the state. With Atlantic City and the shore literally minutes away, an event in South Jersey can easily become a Destination Wedding!”

This revolutionary concept takes the best elements of venue inspections and caters them to busy millennial brides. Luxurious 14 and 24 passenger shuttles will chauffeur brides and their guests from one venue to the next for a fun and interactive day of culinary indulgence! As a progressive tasting experience, the first wedding  venue on the itinerary will offer a champagne brunch followed by a  tour of their property. The morning also includes a special occasion make up demonstration by Image By Design and a personal stylist from Macy's to introduce their bridal registry program. Each venue to follow will present a chef’s choice tasting from appetizers through an indulgent pastry selection. With a  'Land' tour  that features some of South Jersey's finest off shore reception spaces and a 'Sea' tour inspired by our favorite  Jersey shores,  it's tailored to be a modern twist on  a timeless tradition!

It's exciting to be giving you a glimpse into some of the projects "I", "We" are embarking on.....

The "One if by LAND"....tour will take place on July 8th and starts at 10:00 AM  
The "Two if by SEA".......tour will take place on July 22nd and starts at 10:00 AM
Both with a champagne brunch to start off the day included in your tour reservation.

You can start reserving seats on the bus this Sunday via the    web page !
 ( for July 8th and/or July 22nd)

Check out the  web page  and see all the beautiful venues already on board to roll with us !
Save your gas, save your squeezing  venues in a day with drinking, eating, driving ....just relax and enjoy your time on the luxury bus complete with a movie while you travel.

We welcome Matt and Marco to our staff
We welcome Linda McLaughlin of Image by Design,
 Comedian Michelle Tomko specializing in  the "Bridal Roast"
and   Janet Trantham -Your Premier Macy's Stylist-

Thank you Mr. Rick of      FAST CAR SERVICE

Atlantic City Jitney's 

and of course, THE MISTER,  Mr. Panting Photo and Video making us all look good....

Roll on in with us and get ready for the ORIGINAL EYE ON THE SHORE BRIDAL TOUR ! 
Stay tuned for a full launch on Columbus Day Weekend this Oct. along with our "Eyes on Your Feet" Dance a thon !  So exciting.....Join us that weekend for loads of fun !

Enjoy !


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