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What is your Awareness IQ?

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Welcome to a special edition of Ava's Allocations as the Balcony Blogger was on location this weekend to cover "SHOP, SELL, STRUT" for Autism New Jersey..... So what do I mean about your Awareness IQ????    Let's first start with some photos.....

Meet Alyssa Lego and Amanda Witowski

Damian Dalleo - 6years old wearing a  Design by IRINA SCHEVAYEVA  Season 6 Winner of Project Runway....

Morgan Kenny- Miss Garden State Jr. Teen

B98.5 Promoter Olivia Lipp

Clothing of Hustle and Spirit..... from Craig and Kenya Linton

D.Monaco Designs of Point Pleasant , NJ

Erika Martin of NBC 10 and Tirusha Dave Media Director/Consultant and Promoter

Wow ! and that is just the beginning of what went on at the beautiful  Lake Terrace in Lakewood , NJ

Now let's go back a little....

14 year old Alyssa Lego  wanted to see change in the Community.... 2 years ago she formed "Hello my name is...." to honor and bring respect to children with special needs.  In partnering with 19 year old Amanda Witowski things couldn't have looked any brighter for the 2 teens. In these 2 years they have aligned themselves with organizations like Autism NJ to effectively initiate that change in the Community that sparked just  a few years ago.... Imagine? 14 and 19 years old.

I had the pleasure of meeting Executive Director for Autism NJ  Susan Buchanan.

So my Awareness IQ brings more to the fact that, hey, we now know about Autism and many other afflictions that people deal with on a day to day basis. We hear and see all the charitable events, commercials, outreach etc.... yet what do we really know behind the scenes... let's show you this particular IQ....

In attendance were not 1, 2, or even 3 yet at least a dozen "Queens" in their own right from pageants all over the region/State . All with crowns, sashes and PLATFORMS.... my favorite part was the WALK OF QUEENS on the runway....how special.....

There was Miss Garden State Jr. Teen Morgan Kenny pictured above.... there was National Garden Miss Stephanee Brown, Augustina- Miss NJ Outstanding Teen.... and that's just a few.  Amanda herself was wearing a crown and it was so busy that I did not get to interview Amanda ( another blog for another day)....

Let's talk about Miss Stephanee Brown for a moment

.... Stephanee also has an outreach program....HOPE IN A BLANKET.... She sells hand made crocheted items including flowers ( yep, crocheted flowers).  All the funds go to a local Hospital
 ( Capital Health Center for Comprehensive Breast Care) in Hopewell, NJ..... Wow !  Stephanee also received an award on the runway for her Community Service.

Next comes the runway, complete with gorgeous models, paparazzi,  A & S sound running the lighting and set up for the runway-- microphones  and the like, DJ Nick and family and fabulous MC's and reporters.... Like the beautiful  Myra Mrowicki, Tiffani D. McLoyd and Of course, myself pictured here with Alyssa---- Yeeeeah ! LOL

                                                  Myra Mrowicki and Tiffani D. McLoyd

Lead Photographer: PG Photography   Lead Media Director : Tirusha Dave
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#Bravura Magazine
# Shop, Sell , Strut 
#Autism NJ

My big shout out goes to the parents of Alyssa, Dawn and Mike Lego.... and the others behind the scenes.... What a way to support the dreams of your children ! Take a bow ! To all the amazing designers.... what a great showing !

So ...... point is.... for me....if you have something you are passionate about.... incorporate your peers to help spread your message.... be IN- clusive and not EX- clusive..... How wonderful is it to see this young group changing the World.... enjoy some more photos from the event and stay tuned as we bring you more from Ava's Allocations and the Balcony Blogger !!!!

Enjoy !

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