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Brilliant Women of the BBAC... the first 3....

....and OH, that magic of 3's....

Let me first wish all of you across the Globe a very happy Mother's Day tomorrow !
Let me also say thank you to all of you.... because of YOU.... this blog is now read by over 46,000 people across the World....a few in Russia, a few in France, a few in Germany and even one in Honduras !  Thank you all !!

This week, I am doing a little personal write up on the Brilliant Women of the BBAC, the first 3.
They don't know about the write up... I just feel that this is the right timing to talk about this and call on our power of "3's" as the first 3 Women to be in the BBAC.... Well, even the 3rd one just found out and will receive her award  Feb. 2018 ( This coming Feb. ) on the SMGlobal Catwalk Stage.

So what is the BBAC and why is it important ?  The BBAC stands for Brilliant and Beyond Across the Country ( and even beyond that when possible).
This is something I started last year to recognize Women that are doing amazing things, not just in their own backyards, yet all across the Country and more....
Why is this important?  As I said , at my yearly celebration event last week, people need to know that someone is watching and paying attention to the work we do !  It doesn't matter how you are connected to someone, it matters that they know what they do is important . With tomorrow being Mother's Day, it is so important that we Love, we Laugh and we Live in each positive moment that we can....

So let's meet the first 3 Women of the BBAC !

First, Founder and CEO of eWomen Network and the eWomen Network Foundation
SANDRA YANCEY - the very first inductee into the BBAC

Looking back , it's been quite a number of years since Sandra started networking on Line from a room above her garage in Dallas, Texas. Now Sandra and her husband, Kym, have created one of the largest and most decorated Business Networking organizations in North America.  Today the company is a multi-million dollar enterprise with over 500,000 women connected all over the Globe. This is not only on line, this is with multiple chapters all across the U.S. where dynamic Managing Directors run monthly events to connect us to what we need.... face to face !
Our own Gloria Cirulli runs our Central Jersey chapter and does a fantastic job. Each August, we convene at the eWomen Network International Conference and I'm so looking forward to attending again this year.

Sandra Yancey has been recognized by the    INTERNATIONAL ALLIANCE FOR WOMEN   as one of the World's 100 top Difference makers.  Her efforts with the eWomen Network Foundation has awarded cash grants to 108 non profit organizations and scholarships to 161 emerging female leaders of tomorrow.

With a Masters Degree behind her, through all of her trial and error, Sandra is now also a best selling author, a dynamic speaker and such a great person to know.
You can catch her, if you are here in NJ , at the Success Summit this coming Friday. in Edison....

Visit   for all the details and more...... see the limited edition tour dates and locations..... and find out more about this exciting organization.

Next we have Creative Director of the Atlantic City Ballet Company
PHYLLIS PAPA - Inducted into the BBAC last week at our annual "Cross the Line" event. 

Phyllis is no stranger to the stage herself. She started dancing when she was just 5 years old and has danced for such prestigious companies as  THE AMERICAN BALLET THEATER,  THE ROYAL DANISH BALLET  and  THE STARS OF THE AMERICAN BALLET
She has had the honor of dancing for the Shah of Iran, President Lyndon B. Johnson and the King of Denmark.
Phyllis hand picks her dancers from all over the World including Rome, London and New York.
Boardwalk hall, Atlantic City, N.J. , is now the home of the Ballet and Phyllis loves the melting pot of different Countries in her Company.  Coming up on the 35th year of the Company, new and exciting times are ahead for them. With a  tour in the works and some cool surprises in store this year, Phyllis couldn't be more proud of the direction of the Atlantic City Ballet.
Visit them at  for tickets and more information !

And lastly, yet certainly not least, being inducted this coming February as our 3rd Brilliant Woman of the BBAC.... Founder and CEO of the SMGlobal Catwalk and the SMGlobal Foundation....
Executive Technical and Design Consultant at Fashion Tech Design- Founder and President at SMGlobal Catwalk and the SMGlobal Foundation- Fashion Designer....

From Birmingham, U.K. to Dallas, Texas to New York, N.Y. , Samina has made a Global Brand of her designs and her special Catwalk runway shows. Her mission is to help Women and children around the World lead better lives through Education, Training and Empowerment funded through Global Fashion and modeling events.
Samina is the Executive USA partner for TOP INTERNATIONAL MODEL OF THE WORLD based in Romania (  I have a grandparent from Romania , don't see it mentioned that often in my life.)
The 2017 Wold Top Model Competition is in Bulagaria
You can find out all the "deets"  at

I can't think of a more fitting way to get the BBAC off the ground with recognition of these 3 Brilliant Women   Brilliance and Beyond Across the Country !

It is such an honor to know all of you, to work with all of you, to learn from all of you and to live in the moment with all of you ! Thank you all and congratulations on being a part of this journey with me !

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