Friday, April 14, 2017

Meet the "Mr."...... that you've met the Ambassador, now meet the "Mr."....Mr. Panting , that is.....

So many of you know that I work with many photographers, video people, etc... lots of people in the industry..... dropping some names of  the local creme de la creme..... Larry Berman,  Louis J. Santore, Jim Cook, Justin Thomsom,David Mitchell, Derrick Logan, Robert Redstar, Shaun Reilly, Donna Andrews, Darci Doarn, Paul Dempsey, Wally Korz, Stan and Jen James and Brieanne Lewis.....these are just a few and you can catch some of their unique photos below..... I can't even list all the people I know in this crazy industry yet I can say that I have worked with all of these people mentioned and they are such joys to work with !

The new kid on the block???......Mr. Panting..... 
Mr. Panting Internacional Photo y Video 
"Breathing Life into your moments"

Mr. Panting is honing his skills as a local video engineer and photographer. He has his sights set on being a World Wide entity working in this industry as his career. He is currently engineering our new on-line TV show AVA'S CASUAL CHAT on the WBTVN . 
This show is based on empowerment.... Through Business , Entertainment and Fashion. It airs on the 4th Thursday of each month  2:00 our new one is coming up in a few weeks.... you can catch the last show at  and look under empowerment for Ava's Casual Chat. Marco is part of our "Team behind the Scenes" along with Evelyn Licona Villanueva and Linda McLaughlin. 

Marco has a unique mindset for someone of his young age and has the work ethic it takes to survive in this business..... Check out his newest video THE WRONG GUY on You Tube.....shhhhhhh....I have it below so you can view it right here !

The Wrong Guy- A Marco Panting short film

Here are some more photos with Marco:
                                                           A Mark Legrand Design.....
                                                           Mark Legrand Designs
                                               Resorts Casino Meeting Room Atlantic City
                                                              Ahhhh.... Marco and Ava
                                                More from Resorts at the JSWA meeting.....
Mark Legrand Boutique

Now check out some of our other peeps in the industry mentioned above......

Robert Redstar Photography

Brieanne Lewis Images

David Mitchell

Meet Derrick Logan   AND.....
..... Donna Andrews 

Photography by Larry Berman

Imagery and artistic photos from Jim Cook Photography LAS VEGAS 

Louis J. Santore

Stan and Jen James of James Photography

Paul Dempsey Photography

Images by Wally Korz
Photography by Shaun Reilly

Justin Thomson of Crazy Goat Productions

Darci Doran Photography 

Remember you can always contact me about any of my content, artists, etc.... I wish all my fellow colleagues the very best..... and we now welcome Marco Panting.....
to our crazy life !

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