Friday, April 7, 2017

Meet the local "AMBASSADOR".....

Hello Weekend....

I hope you are all gearing up for a fabulous weekend. Whether you relax, attend events, work out, etc...whatever you do on the weekends....make it great !

This past week, I had the pleasure of meeting the owner of "MY BEST FRIEND"
Animal Hospital.... 

The Ambassador, as they call Miss June, is the one who is there to coordinate it all. She wears many hats at the facility and brings it all together for those involved in specific duties there.

Let's go back first as June is a trained Chef. ( yea, yea, I'm getting there......)
She spent several years as the head Chef at  Luna of Resorts Casino in Atlantic City and has spent 25 years in the restaurant business.....
When I asked June how she came to own an Animal Hospital with her years in the business as a chef, she quickly replied that she always had a love for animals and, ".....Let's face it ", she said smiling, "What kid doesn't want to be a vet at some point".....

There have been hardships and struggles yet things started coming together for the Hospital...located in nearby Galloway, New Jersey.

June works as office manager, technician, PR person, HR person .... you name it. So the nickname of the Ambassador was given to her and she wears the title well.  Trained by Dr. Susan Rew, June has learned the ins and outs of this business and seems to love mostly every minute of it.

June shares her ownership with Dr. Sue Rew. She also credits the success of the hospital to the wonderful staff:
Katie Trumbetta, CJ Mendez, Debbie Woods, and Joe Tartaglio.
"They have all been there for many years and all built the place together", June states.

Now that is what I call a great collaboration !

They mostly services cats and dogs yet they are open to receiving other animals. If an animal comes in that they don't service, they can usually direct the client to another place for specialty treatment.

MY BEST FRIEND  has been healing animals for a little over 9 years now and they service roughly 4,000 animals a year.  You can find MY BEST FRIEND Animal Hospital on Face Book or if you are in the area, you can contact them directly at 609 748 1400 

We all love our animals. I love places that make us all  feel at home when we are ill. I certainly got that feeling for our furry companions when I walked through the hospital.... Everyone was so nice to me. Even a couple of animals were on hand to say hello !

Join us again next week for another edition of Ava's allocations.....Once again have a great weekend and ....
Enjoy !

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