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Dangerous Atlantic City, N.J. ... Really ???

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Well, This blog post makes me smile as this project starts with a 4... just like MY business.... I am talking 48 BLOCKS !  Let's go back first to the Title.... DANGEROUS ATLANTIC CITY, N.J.

Yes, there are sections of Cities all over the Country that are probably a little more dangerous than we would like. That said, it's dangerous to cross the street, drive a car, ride a bus or train, swim in the Ocean and the list goes on and on....

As many of you know, I prefer to stay on the positive side of things, even when it seems hard, sad or dangerous.... In the words of the famous Zig Ziglar, "What you think about you bring about". 
.....and those thoughts beget more of those thoughts....

I also find it funny how people perceive things.... Sometimes people will listen to anything one says as truth...sometimes they never hear a word  and sometimes they twist what they hear to suit what they themselves believe.  Once again... let's focus on the positive and the bright light in all of our cities, in all of us.........


So back to 48 Blocks... what is that? If you don't already know you are in for a treat !

I had the pleasure of sitting down with...
 .......... Joyce Hagen - Executive Director of the Atlantic City Arts Foundation...........
... and she began peeling back the layers that take us to 48 Blocks !
Along with the Arts Foundation President Daryl John Bulthuis, Joyce explained the beginnings of the vision of Art here in Atlantic City.... In 2014 they began Planning... in 2015 they put a board together and projects began to surface. Some of the ideas came  from  other City projects that were being looked at and then tweaked.....
First, there was ARTeriors , where the Arts Foundation locates a building that is either abandoned or empty for some time and secures it to produce an Art Installation..... That project is considered a "pop up" Experience and is still going on from time to time whenever a space can be located..... then we move on to "CHALK ABOUT A/C".  This project has sidewalk chalk all around the 6 wards of Atlantic City in where anyone, not just artists, can come out and draw on the sidewalk.... This is slated to be a yearly event that started in Oct. of 2015. The chalk of the town was again upon us in Oct. of 2016 and  Chalking it out in Oct. of 2017 is anticipated to be the biggest one yet.
 Of course it is...that is what we all hope for when we do projects such as this....
We want awareness, fun , creativity and inspiration making things/projects/ events -  get bigger and better each year.

So now what? "Well", as someone said at a meeting, "'s just a small City of 48 blocks !"
 That kind of stuck out in the minds of the creative forces. 48 Blocks long, roughly, from the Inlet area to Jackson Ave. Sort of the dividing line between Atlantic City and Ventnor.

So here it is, 6 wards, 8 projects in each ward.....  over 48 blocks !
These projects are intended to show in a 24 hour period.
....From oral history and digitizing to decorating huge planters and listening to local performance groups..... and that's just a few of the ideas on the table... or on the street I should say !

This is a huge project with huge meaning behind it. I love the whole idea of it.
Right now, work is being set, meetings are being held on a weekly basis to structure this FESTIVE FESTIVAL .... AND .... Fundraisers are being held as well.  Things are seeming to spin in the right direction..... Meetings take place at the beautiful Arts Garage in Atlantic City !

The first fundraiser is called the STRAWBERRY MOON FUNDRAISING CRUISE. This is being held off of "Cruisin' One" in Gardners Basin, Atlantic City on Friday, June 9th.  $30.00 per person, $50.00 per couple  7:30-9:30 PM with boarding at 7:30.  Drink specials will be available on board. 

At the end of June, you can join us back on "Crusin' One" for the GTBA Business by the Sea cruise and hear first hand of the progress about 48 Blocks.... stay tuned as I will update for you right here in the Balcony Blogger Challenge posts.... 

Below, enjoy a few videos, grab your favorite beverage and take a 10 min. break to view some of the great work that has already begun with these projects.... This is ATLANTIC CITY.... Creative, Engaging, and Inspirational.... Interactive, mindful , and fun !

I know people read this blog from all over the World, however if you are in the area, or plan on coming to the area...think about visiting during CHALK ABOUT A/C  or during  a visit of  the
 48 Blocks project....

 The first set of projects is set for June 24th, 2017... A Celebration of Art and Creativity.... 

If you are not in the area, check out the updates, the videos and stay with us right here....
You can visit the Atlantic City Arts Foundation on Face Book  and find them on the web at
As always, you can contact me directly through my business web page for any and all information on my blog posts, stories, groups etc.... at 

Video 1:  ARTeriors Formicas Bakery

Video 2: Chalk About A/C

Video 3: ARTeriors Atlantic City 


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Val's Spot said...

48 blocks is an magnificent idea created by Joyce Hagen for AC. I am pleased I was asked to be one of the artists in 2015 to kick off 1st Arteriors & Chalk-A-Thon & featured on SNJ News, committee member for Arteriors 2 ; & curator for Arteriors 3. All in the name of art & the city I was born in. However, I wish younger adults would get involved w/ something fun & positive.