Sunday, April 2, 2017

Hand Crafted, Hand made, Hand Selected

Helloooo Sunday !

Ok, so we are off by a couple of days - LOL. I hope this edition of Ava's Allocations finds you all well and relaxing from a joyous weekend. Let me just update a piece of information from the last blog post.... The web site for the Senior America Pageant is   There is still time to apply to be a contestant. As you may have seen from our TV show, there is plenty of trained staff around to help you with any aspect of your entry. You must be 60 plus years old to enter.... Check out the updated web page for all the deets !

Moving on to this weeks topic: Hand Crafted, Hand made and Hand Selected....boy oh boy is this exciting ! you will see all three of these fantastic individuals mentioned on Ava's Casual Chat this month on the WBTVN.  ( Women's Broadcast Television Network)  2:00 Eastern/ 1:00 Central on Thursday April 27th !

First up, Hand Crafted...OMG Miss Kellene Kulas.

 I can't wait to share these photos with you here. Kellene will be working on a huge project with us and how honored am I for that !  She is not only equipped with a fine arts degree ( All me !)  yet she is also a trained "METALSMITH" !
Yes, you heard it here, Metalsmith..... Kellene hand crafts and designs fine jewelry in New York City. She has worked all over the World gaining the most positive inspiration. How lucky are we that she is back in NYC and fairly close to me ! LOL
 Kellene  has worked on pieces for Tiffany  & Co., Van Cleef and Arpels and Lalique just to name a few.... Her World Travel has been a driving influence on the types of designs she creates. From hand crafted wedding bands and rings to beautifully designed necklaces and , what I like to call the KELLENE TWIST !
Kellene invests her time , talent and dollars into the fact that you are getting a pure gemstone, fine strand of silver and good quality which sets her apart from other designers. By that I mean that she personally seeks out the very best of the kind.... it's not just a rock or a stone found in a store or a basket someplace.... She is all about finding the perfect energy, light and value from each piece she makes.  So what is the KELLENE TWIST!  Well, just the description is a twist on what others do in the industry. She also takes it to another level with her Twisted jewelry  and pins such as these.............

These Unique pieces are done in Copper and Copper with Silver Overlay. She can craft them in pretty much any metal you would like too !
Here are some of the other wild and wonderful pieces that she has made.  You can check her out at     Tell her Ava sent you when you get your beautiful jewelry !  Stay tuned for more as we embark on some great things together !

Next is Hand made:   Meet Terrence Kingg !  We have the King of POP- Michael Jackson, the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Pressley and now the King of Urban Design.... Terrence Kingg !

We are so excited to be doing several projects with Terrence and I'm thrilled that he is working with us ! We met him through one of our new Team members, Marco Panting  better known as
Mr. Panting.   We will be talking more about Marco in an upcoming Blog post !
Terrence has this unique talent in Art.  The images I'm about to show your are not done by sketch, by tracing or by playing with markers....these are hand painted one of a kind original Artwork drawings....

Check out this last shot with my Logo ! Way cool...this is one of our newest campaigns..."Eyes on your Feet for Brain Cancer".... we are working on a unique walk to benefit the eeFuerst Foundation and the National Brain Tumor Society. Yet prior to that, you can order these right now ! Just head to the 4 A STAR web page and put in your request with your size at our contact page. You will then get an email with all the details.... The other side has the slogan "Eyes on your feet for Brain Cancer".  This particular charity is near and dear to MY heart, yet we will have more from Terrence on another project involving 13 different charities ! Woo Hoo !!!
Find Terrence on FaceBook or reach out to me for more info on this up and coming shining star !

And last yet not least by any means...Hand selected: Meet the beautiful Nitra Jain
 Nitra is so smart and savvy and I just love her !  She hand selects ONE OF A KIND pieces from India and other parts of the World. Nitra can pick something out just for you ( or you can pick from her beautiful collection)  .   She has traditional Indian inspired looks and also more Contemporary American looks to dress up any outfit for any occasion !  I can't wait to see what she will show us next......

                                                             You can find Nitra at :

I am so excited about working with all 3 of these talented artists. Artists in many senses of the word.  Keep it tuned here for more coming up on some of the new talented people we are going to be working with in 2017 and beyond.... including Mr. Panting, Linda McLaughlin, Michelle Verbit, Mari Dattolo, and more............ and as always, thank you for your continued support.

Stay positive and stay strong !
Enjoy !

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