Friday, April 22, 2016

That's what SHE said ! That's what HE said !

Good Friday everyone.

What an honor to be able to put THIS blog out there.... yes, That's what she said, that's what I say.... pass it along..... Let's put the story in story form for you.....

Let's start by sharing something upbeat and positive.... If you don't do this already, learn to create the experiences that lead you to another , and another and another and so on.... What a thrill !

So 2 Seasons ago, we had our 2nd "South Jersey Junior Idol " competition for the Jersey Shore Children's Museum. One of our grand prizes was a drive up to NY to meet drummer/producer and good friend in the industry, KEVIN TOOLEY... ( Directly above)

Just a little background, Kevin is a fabulous drummer highly sought after in the punk/new wave era. He has played with groups back then such as the MUNDANES  & COOL IT REBA.... today, Kevin has worked with many major rock icons. He has created various TV and Film scores including that of the Emmy Nominated SOPRANOS.  He is Co founder of the "Air Project" and tours all over the World.

So, given his demanding touring schedule, we were able to go up for this prize with 3 very talented girls,  Anglelica Cabral, Alexis Mathis, and Bianca Pettigrosso.
You can check them out in their own right ....

Angelica: Category Winner in South Jersey Junior Idol Competition 
Attending Performing arts school with hopes of going to Julliard and will be involved in an upcoming move with director Darrell Smith... 

Alexis:  2nd Runner up in South Jersey Junior Idol Competition 
Been performing on stage since the age of 2 and studies voice with the iconic Sal Dupree. Loves many genres of music  Find her at  

Bianca: has deep roots in performing . She is an original singer/songwriter and has a unique vision for the future of her music. Runner up in the South Jersey Junior Idol Competition . Bianca has big dreams! Find her on Instagram at  biancaroxx

 We,  at 4 A STAR ,  are happy to be  one of the forces behind helping them all go after those dreams and achieve them !

So here we go up to NY to meet and greet with Kevin, tour his home studio, and have a nice dinner with him.... in we walk to his studio where he is in the process of producing an album ( cd) for
 J. E. Laine ( Pictured above). So to give the girls a studio experience, he has them sing some back up vocals to a track he is working on , what fun to watch....(Brings back studio memories. I just love being in the studio !!! )
 Kevin liked it so much, he submitted the idea of them singing ON the cd.... well when one thing leads to another, the magic happens....

Now let's go back and talk a little about the beautiful J.E. Laine...
She was a teenager in the 50's and feels that there are millions who would love to hear that 50's sound today. How fun would it be to re-create that sound with new music , re-made music and just the soul and feel of the 50's?  J. E. Laine has done just that.
She began her career with Robin Leach, at his then GO magazine.... later of TV's Lifestlyles of the Rich and Famous.  She became the liaison between the radio stations and the record company's . She then worked A&R ( Artist & Repertoire) for Atlantic Records. In 1971 she kicked off International Promotions for the Rolling Stones film GIMME SHELTER. From the 80's to the present she has been a management consultant and /or co-manager to Ronnie Spector where she built a long lasting business relationship as well as a long friendship !
Her Career highlights, she says, was and is working with Ronnie Spector and the late great comic- Soupy Sales
J.E. Laine is a force in the entertainment and music industry . She is an author/Singer/ Promoter/ manager and wears many hats in the field. ( Boy, I can so relate)

It is my honor to share her song here with our 3 girls singing background.

You never know where one thing will lead you so carry on and connect the dots wherever you can !
Thank you Kevin and J.E. Laine for this .  I'm glad we put this prize package together.... speaking of which.... we are offering this prize up again to the winners of our 1st Battle of the Bands at the Galloway Swim Club this June. Stay tuned for that !

We certainly appreciate Kevin's time and that of the great J.E. Laine.
* Information gathered from Google, Facebook, Kevin Tooley*

Meet the girls:



  Enjoy !


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