Monday, April 18, 2016

Are you the local bartender???

Good Monday morning !!!  I usually don't get in here on Mondays, as you know. It's just been the usual craziness so I find myself coming in to chat with all of you on this gorgeous Monday Morning !
I hope you make it a great day to start your week !

So, I ask you, Are you the local bartender???  Well what do I mean by that?  Let's go back to an old cliche... "Only your hairdresser knows for sure...."   Well, that may be true as well,  For this purpose, we will talk about the bartender as this will be a clue in the search for our Tierney when the timing is right !!!!   ( hint, hint so stay tuned)

You can look into many movies and hear many stories of how the BARTENDER is the one who hears it all. So how does this relate to YOU ? !!!

I know in my life, I am the keeper of many stories, many secrets and many people .

How do you handle this? I think it comes down to integrity. As you grow in your business, people begin to see you differently. I always say that we are all celebrities in our own right when we are the keeper of things in our business. Being in business puts you in a different place, a place where others need to count on you, rely on you etc... How you handle that and how you grow yourself is how you raise your celebrity status .      (Don't get me wrong, some celebrities do not hold this special title or place, do not make good role models and do not deserve to have this special title...that said, I think many do and I would hope that any celebrity status gives you the opportunity to help others)

So depending on how you want to be seen, is how you keep growing and being noticed. BUT....regardless of how YOU want to be seen, you ARE seen in many ways by those around you and those that confide in you, talk to you, patron your stores.... your goods and services.... and so on...

This gives you an important obligation. I have chosen to associate only with those who have the integrity of THE LOCAL BARTENDER.  For we know when we tell the bartender our story, it stays there and they are just the ear we need at the time with no judgement and no question.... Of course, there may be the one or 2 that will run and blab your tale to others.... however, I can't recall hearing THAT story and again, you can find that anywhere.... So I put the local bartender in the highest of classes as our tales remain with them and they get to have the bragging rights of, "I've heard it all".

How do YOU deal with your success?... your rise and fall? ..your celebrity status in whatever way that is?...your stories of your friends and customers as they confide in YOU with the utmost respect?....It is hard to TRUST anymore and people are putting their trust in YOU !

Remember this,  People are watching you ALL the time.
                           Hang out with the right people.
                           Learn how to let go of the people that bring you down, or make you question your                                true integrity.



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