Friday, March 21, 2014

Snow Snow go away....... ( and don't come back for awhile)....

What a crock !

I think the weather has everyone bonkers !!!!   Lots of people sick, not showing up for things because of the crazy weather....what the heck ???? it's now closing in on the end of the you can see having my right hand and my left hand as pretty much my only's been difficult to  even get on the computer to run my business, let alone anything else.... keep coming back... I will post when I can... we are now over 9,000 page views.....
What is it like in YOUR area?????   Does the weather have an effect on what happens in your life or your business ?

Wonderful meeting of the Galloway Township Business Association yesterday (GTBA) with Mayor Purdy discussing some of the great things happening in the Galloway area over the next few years.

Went to New York last week and had the honor and pleasure of meeting Stan Cherelstein, Founder and CEO of the Javita Coffee Company ! Imagine, losing weight just by drinking coffee (or tea)...and it's all natural and delicious ! Visit.javawithava and check it out!

What did you do exciting the past couple of weeks?  (or did you spend time with a snow shovel !)

Talk again soon..... Enjoy !

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