Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fool's Day??? Ready to set your intention??

Hi.... Been away this past week on a family emergency....just craziness !

So it's April Fool's Day? Is it just a day that children pull pranks or do you still do crazy stuff on this day ?

I used to like to switch the sugar and salt on my MOM......

Nowadays, I just see it as a new beginning of a new Month. This PARTICULAR YEAR, it's really a new beginning..... so much has happened over the past year that it is truly mind-boggling  has anyone else felt that way this past year?  No joke !!!!

So what intention are you going to set today............maybe it's a goal to measure from this April 1 to April 1 next year.....maybe it's just a goal to get out of bed and make it to the next room .

It's time now to move into the next phase of whatever it is you want to do. In order to do that you have to SET YOUR INTENTION !!

If you are a visual person, put it on your vision board.... write it down.... make a  "to do" list..... put something on your mirror...... SET YOUR INTENTION  and see where that first step takes you. We are now heading into Spring/Summer.... let's see how far your first steps take you !

Again, this is no joke....especially today..... No foolin'  let's "GET ER DONE" !!!

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