Monday, March 10, 2014

Creamer anyone???

Well, I'm having so much fun trying out all these different creamers with our new healthy weight loss coffee and tea ( well , not using the creamers in the tea hahaha)....

I fell in love with the new Girl Scout Cookie creamers. I love the "thin mints" flavor. So I head out to shop rite to get one of those today for a coffee presentation and they are OUT OF IT !!! What a crock !
I did find, however, a MUD SLIDE creamer.....OOOOHHHHH !

Now my trouble is finding a place in the FRIDGE for all the creamers!!!

The Almond Joy creamer is really good too !  Tastes like the candy bar !
What are some of your favorite foods to eat?  or drink ?....

One thing I did today was take a look at a minute long video from Master Networker and Speaker, John Heremza.  Puts the idea of direct sales marketing into a minute clip that's easy to understand. Check it out and find out why Warren Buffet says that network marketing is the wave of the financial future of this Country !

You can see this short clip on my Facebook page at 4 A STAR....

In the meantime, enjoy a cup of coffee !

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