Monday, February 19, 2018

Take your networking opportunities from everywhere !

Hello Monday and Happy President's Day....

I'm home in bed sick and I got a chance to see the amazing MACY on the Ellen Show for the 2nd time. She is an 8 year old Presidential Expert !  On that note, I had the opportunity to network with another expert this weekend at Atlantic City Fashion Week.

Meet Taneice Chavers, author of "PRAY FOR RAIN ....A guide to building your business with little to no money..."

I found Taneice to be a beautiful soul.... I had to the opportunity to interview Taneice and this is her story....

Taneice owns and operates Shear Bliss, a hair lounge and spa catering to Women with hair loss.
It took 8 years for this dream to come to reality. Taneice didn't have enough resources to get the business going. 8 years took her on a journey that she now realizes is important to share....

Over these years, she learned and researched ideas, strategies, and principles to continue the journey. She found many ways to keep afloat with little or no money. These tips are revealied in her book.  I asked Taneice what the one thing that stands out for her was... her reply was, "How important the wait time is..."  Taneice went on to say that things happen in their right time, things happen to allow other things to happen and we have to trust in that process. Those of you that know me best, know that is exactly what I believe as well.

She added special motivational mugs to her book table. I also asked her about that. Taneice told me that we don't always wake up in the positive. In fact, it's hard to find that some days.... the positive quoted mugs add to the whole experience of keeping your faith in your dream.

The response has been amazing , Taneiece explains.  Her Salon is open 3 years now .  About a year ago, she realized that she needed to be sharing this message to help others.

Many entrepreneurs give up on their dreams for it is not an easy road to ride. Timing is everything and you have to keep going if you want to see your dream become reality.

       Shear Bliss  Hair Lounge  is located at 457 Pleasant Valley Way  West Orange, NJ 07052

Taneice specializes in clients with Cancer, Lupus and Alopecia. Even if you are not in the area, Taneice is there to help.

If you are starting a business or in a business already and need a little help with resources, pick up a copy of PRAY FOR RAIN and get some great tips. I am so excited to start reading my copy !

Enjoy !

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