Monday, February 5, 2018

Fire or Ice??? How about both !

Well it's late Monday evening and after a huge win the for the Eagles yesterday in the Super Bowl, we traveled and didn't get home until after 1 here we are late on Monday. I'm pinching the Balcony Blogger to make sure I'm still functioning... LOL

Let's take a trip back in time a bit....oh about 25 years ago when one Audrey Winzinger was looking to do something to bring people to her town at the end of January. It's a good time, too. I mean, after the holidays and sometime into January when we all come back to life, we are looking for something to do. Weather doesn't always cooperate yet we still want to get out and do something in January.....

Audrey and Ava 

So in comes the ice festival.... ice carvers would compete and it was a great event yet when carvers had to compete in bigger events around the Globe, it became harder and harder to get carvers to com out.... Also, it was difficult for carvers to chat with the visitors as they were timed on their sculptures.... eventually, the powers that be put their heads together and something great came out of it.

Together with partner Rocky D'entremont the ice festival changed to more of an ice demonstration. This gave the carvers a chance to chat with visitors, relax and spend time with the creations under no time constraint...AND it took out the realm of "competition" in an effort to bring the carvers out to a fun event as well.

Rocky D'entremont is a chef and ice carver at a local establishment and together with Audrey they created this event. Now in it's 25th year, it has gotten bigger and better every year.
So at first, there was also a separate cook off event.... putting heads together again, these 2 events were combined  about 15 years ago to create "FIRE AND ICE"

The Fire part is the Chili cook off that you can apply for IF you are professional chef or in the culinary field. Visitors get to taste chili for as little as a one dollar donation and vote on their favorite.  There is also a professional judging too !  So much fun....the line stretched around the block to taste chili and directly from Audrey, "once it's gone , it's gone".... so getting in that line early is important if you want to be in the tasting.

The Ice part is now a demonstration of 10 carvers chosen from those that apply for the event.

Along with that, there are fire engine rides,and animals from the Cedar run Wildlife shows . Sled Dogs, Curling demonstration, petting area, Vendors, food, quaint shops and more are along the streets where thousands were walking around this year. So much fun.  Also this year, the event was on my birthday so I had a huge group celebrating with me ! Hahahahaha.... actually, we did go up with 2 car loads of people.

So if you are in the area and are looking for something to do at the end of January. Mount Holly N.J. is waiting for you with warm chili and cold ice sculptures as part of he Fire and Ice festival. Look for me there again next year !  This event runs rain, snow or shine !


Above Courtesy of Rebel Reyes Photography

Above Courtesy of Marcia Moser

Above Courtesy of Jen Munko

Contact Audrey directly at 609 937 5700....and tell her Ava sent you !

Enjoy !