Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Do you measure and "O" factor?

Good Tuesday morning.... Wow ! Amazing time at New York Fashion week and even saw our bags on the runway !  More to come on that next week..... Fell asleep over the computer both Sunday eve. and Monday eve..... guess I'm getting old.....or maybe I was just tired ! LOL

Let's talk this week about the "O" factor.... I don't mean Oprah , although that "O" is amazing too !

I'm talking OLYMPICS... Whether you are an avid fan, a sometimes fan or not a fan at all, you can't escape that feeling of pride when you watch the medals given out, when you watch the end of a performance and the athletes are just beaming with pride, or when you hear about the amazing stories of how these fine young people got to the Olympics.....

I had to watch the opening ceremonies later as I had recorded them because I was in N.Y. at NY Fashion Week. I was happy that I could watch it later at my convenience. One of the things I thought was amazing was the imagery made to look like stars in the sky..... yet they were not stars , they were DRONES...making snowboarder shapes and more.....

Olympic Rings made by drones

For me, the opening ceremonies did NOT disappoint. Many historical moments as the various Countries walked in too !!!

I am a huge Olympic fan. I have been all my life. I love watching mostly all of the events. With technology today, I can see many more events later on etc... Of course, my ears perked up when Ice skating brought in "Elvis" music....yet that is not a first time occurrence for this particular skater who took his routine to a Silver Medal.... Congratulations Mikhail Kolyada of Russia....

One of the events I got to enjoy last night was the Women's Half pipe.... It was amazing to see Chloe Kim skate to Gold for the US.... her parents are from Korea. How cool is That ! Go Chloe....

I sometimes get a little emotional when I see the feelings of the athletes at the end of their performances....you know how much they have worked to get to this point.....

Mirai Nagasu

Adam Rippon

Both of these athletes  (above) did not make the selection for the last Olympic games....seeing them here winning medals is so cool !

Patrick Chan

So what is the "O" factor ?... it may be different for everyone.... yet if you are an Olympic fan, that is a boost of energy, confidence or whatever you want to call it. The Olympics bring together the feeling of hope. If we all set an example, this is how we can survive in a World that is brimming with hate and violence. If we take one moment away from these games and make a better place to live for ourselves and others, we collect the pieces of hope and confidence to push through whatever is bad.... not only in the World yet in our own lives.... We get a boost of confidence, a boost of "Follow your dreams" and a boost of Pride. 

I have seen events in part that I have never seen before ! I am looking forward to watching some curling events and the Women's Jamaican Bob Sled Team, first time ever !!!

Whether a fan or not, I know there is something that the Olympics bring that is like nothing else.... Maybe you want to find a sport to watch and become a fan if you are not already !  Let's all go for the Gold in our own lives and bring out the "O" factor !!!

Enjoy !

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