Monday, January 15, 2018

What's your story???

Good Monday morning and Happy New Year to all of you !  Monday is usually a day I take off yet it gives me the flexibility to adapt and adjust as we say at our eWomen meetings !  I have been viewing January as a "planning" month for several years now and that has worked out well.... Of course, there are still things that need to get accomplished and get KICKED OFF come January and a New Yeaar yet if you think about it.... by the time mid December are in Holiday mode no matter what, right?  Then I feel you NEED that time in January to clean up, re group, re set and motivate yourself realistically to kick off your year without too much stress.  Things will carry over so it's a time to  create a strategy, a plan and a feel good way to start your New Year.... That all said, let's take a look at the story !  It's time for me to kick off MY year by filling you all in on the journey if you don't already know.... and even if you do, maybe you can pick up something for yourself.... By the way, if you want to share YOUR story with me..... maybe I will consider adding it one of my blog posts !
So  many of you know you can always reach out to me at for any questions or advice you may be seeking. Now let's hear how I come to that.....

So to start, I studied music and theatre at Penn State University and then continued studies at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and Herbert Berghof  studios in New York City. During that time, I ran several businesses for my Dad at the Jersey Shore ( along with my Sister for some time). I also worked as a mobile Disc Jockey, a radio disc jockey, and began honing skills in network marketing and in Networking in general.  As a young child, I got involved in poetry and honed my writing skills ever since. I have several published poems and I am also an author of my own book as well as helping others get noticed in the industry.

Pulling all these areas of experience into my current status in life has made me become an expert in many areas of the Arts.

Today, I host an on line TV show with the WBTVN that airs on the 4th Thurs. of each month at 2:00 EST at    I also post the link at Face Book . 

For some years I have had a few visions to add on to this enterprise. One is a Magazine that encompasses Business/Entertainment and Fashion. That is in the works as we speak..... a tour of some kind that has now turned into EYE ON THE SHORE BRIDAL TOURS.... with Mari Dattolo and a few others involved, and a line of "Eye Bags" which has turned into Ava's Eye Bagz that you may have heard me talk about before.... So these bags are made in the USA right here in Pleasnatville, NJ by Mark Legrand ! (Yet another WONDERFUL RELATIONSHIP) Each bag is adorned with real crystals. Each bag comes with a hand selected gift inside and each bag gives back to a different charity. So we will make a difference in the World with every bag sold ! Stay tuned on FB at the Ava's Eye Bagz page for all the cool things coming up including our scavenger hunt later in the year !

Much of my energy is devoted to the bags these days yet the other aspects of the business are taking root in this New Year.  Through my segment of getting the "Elvis" section of the blog going I've built a relationship in the business with the fabulous Richie Santa and his manager Kathy. Through that relationship I've met the amazing Geri Petito , radio host and consultant. Through her, I've been able to hook up our Video expert, Marco Panting, to host his own radio show that starts in April.... Through a client meeting, I met Dave Ziler who introduced me to Danny Coleman , also a radio host and we have started to build some great ideas together. ( Including City of Angels as part of our charity give back with the bags) Check Danny out at

On top of all that, I have a beautiful daughter that I am thankful for everyday and I met the love of my life on the internet !  I have gained a certain sense of family with people along the way like Marcia Moser, Evelyn Licona, Linda McLaughlin, Raymond Tyler, Michelle Verbit and Marco Panting to name a few.... cherish all that in your life !

Through some other connections I've been able to build relationships with producer Kevin Tooley, Ritesh of Awesome TV, producer Vince McCartney, producer Steve Basserman, Writer David Zucker,  Writer and Radio host Maryann Castello, the beautiful Alyssa Lego, Tirusha Dave, The amazing Terrence Kingg, Shea Vaughn, Robert Williams, Leonard Dozier, Cakes by Nadia, The Brigantine Aquatic Center  and countless others..... There's just no way to get everyone in yet you know who you are both in the inner circle and in the building stages !

I say all this to share with you the importance of building GREAT Relationships. People do  business with those they KNOW, LIKE AND TRUST. 

I've been able to grow this blog to over 55,000 viewers .... it's staying consistent, planning your work and working your plan and learning how to adapt and adjust accordingly..... I also feel that I am guided by a higher power. I feel that whatever you believe in, it comes to you in ways you can only know by staying in tune with yourself and the Universe.

Thank you all for letting me share my story.... stay tuned for Ava's Eye Mag, Ava's Eye Bags, Eye on the shore bridal tours and of course all that we offer in 4 A STAR.

Now what's YOUR story and how will you make your mark on the planet !!!

Enjoy the Journey and thank you all !!!

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