Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Universe is talking....are you listening?

Wow ! Hi. all.... hope your Sunday and your weekend were fabulous. Great weather, great Football, and great company for me this weekend !

So I was thinking about some of the "Uncanny" things that have happened lately.... whatever you believe is fine yet for me, I feel the Universe speaking.... I'm hoping THIS is the year that the listening pays off ! LOLOL

So I touched a tiny bit on this in the last blog post about connections ....from the fabulous Richie Santa and his manager Kathy, to the beautiful and talented Geri Petito and also the beautiful and talented Danny Coleman and Maryann Castello....

It always amazes me when things happen like that and great connections and friendships are made... like the connects to Frank Perri  (aka Fankie Sweets) , Dave Weiskopf, Dave Ziler, and Gene Piero to name a few.... yet now I want to touch on the Universe and how it speaks to us.... these are just a few things that happened recently....

1. I get invited to a wonderful event supporting HABITAT FOR HUMANITY from the lovely Ana Roberti... ( another crazy story of how WE met and became lifelong friends).....
At the very end of the event, I meet.  the again beautiful and talented. Steve Basserman.... yes I said it about a few of these awesome Men !   Steve is with AriJoe Productions and does documentary films.... You can even see Steve holding one of our Ava's Eye Bagz....Woo Hoo
Now.... my good friend and business associate Mari Dattolo is doing a story on the train wreck of the 1800's in Mays Landing....she wants to eventually make a documentary.....hint hint...see where it's going????   So I tell Steve I have someone he needs to meet..... the rest is history and the documentary is in the works..... Thank you Ana Roberti ! Oh and Steve was sitting at my table. I met him and found out what he did in the last 10 minutes of the event....
On top of that, I want to make HABITAT FOR HUMANITY one of our charitable give backs from our bags !



2. And I love this  shit.... LOL....  I was out with Michelle checking dates for our Night if Firsts, the Eyes on your feet Dance a thon, the Cross the line event etc.... and I stumbled on this event called "Fire and Ice".... this is a yearly festival that takes place in Mt. Holly NJ... just so happens it falls on my Birthday this year, Sat. Jan 27th... It seems so cool yet I don't want to give away all the deets as we will be doing a special blog post on this festival....How do I know this??? I already reached out to the coordinator.... and here it comes.... she was so cool too..... she says she will meet me at the festival, gives me her cell # and all so I can interview her....then she says in her email, OR we could meet at my friends restaurant the ROBIN'S NEST.....

Well, let me just say this much.... my Dad had one of his businesses called Cher-Holly enterprises... that was my Sister's Middle name CHERYL and my Middle name ( that I now use professionally) HOLLY..... yet prior to me being born it was just my Sister, Robin..... and the business was called ROBIN'S NEST .....

shout out to our departed Shaun Stephenson..... blue eggs and all..... ( yet another Universe Story)


So I ask you to listen to the Universee.... it's going to be a great year !!!!!

Enjoy !

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