Friday, January 5, 2018

In the interim....

Hello all,

If you are braving the snow and the cold this past couple of days, my thoughts are with you. I am trapped in my home yet I think I may try to go out today and move my car...

So one of my goals with this blog is that I wanted to keep it consistent. That said, I've been away for a few home just in time for the storm. ( at least I wasn't driving in it for too long)  I did not have the time to make a blog post worthy of our loyal readers. I DO, however, have the topic so stay tuned as the Balcony Blogger will have your weekly post up this weekend..... ( keeping the timing consistent).

Finish your week out with style and a smile !
Thank you all for your support. We are closing in on 55,000 viewers of this blog !

Y'all Rock !!

Ava Holly
Your Balcony Blogger

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