Monday, August 22, 2016

Want to expand your brand? Think Radio !

Wow...hello and where does the time go???
It seems to move faster and faster the older we get, huh?

In this industry, as many of you know, time even goes faster as you are setting up events, meetings, and plans for months, weeks and sometimes years in advance....

That said, we still move forward with those little "clock" hands ticking and we do it with hope in our hearts, pep in our step and a vision of a bright future for our families ....

The best way to move is to move.... and forward looks pretty good wouldn't you say?

Today, I had the honor and pleasure of being interviewed by long time friend and business associate,
LISA DIANE HALL ( Link for casual chat video)

For those of you that remember Lisa, she was on the local media scene here for many years. Now her talents take her to Florida where she has spent the last 4 years doing the same. She is currently the regional sales manager for National Christian Network Radio. Along with her sales manager role, she also produces shows for the network including her own LIVE WITH LISA DIANE.

So how do we do that???
The nice thing is that many  people today are moving into radio with support from networks such as this. In Lisa's case, you can buy your own block of time on the network from a 15 minute block all the way up to an hour block. You can obtain your own sponsorships , if you like, and really take your brand to another level. As Lisa says, " It creates a platform for people to promote and expand their brand".

Catch us today live-streaming on Facebook at the Lisa Diane Hall page and also on the 4 A STAR page...

You can listen to Lisa's show every Monday from 3-4 PM on WJFP FM 91.1 out of Coca Beach , Fla.

This is just one of many stations under the Christian Radio Network. Also, it doesn't have to be a religious show  that you set up for yourself. You can promote a business, service you offer, etc...

With over 25 years in sales , marketing and media I am honored to be partnering, and representing Lisa Diane in the dreams she follows that align with mine.

We will see more of her.... catch her on Facebook at Lisa Diane Hall where you can find her radio show and much more.

Other areas that house this network include :
WCNO 89.9 FM Palm City/Boca Raton/Ft. Lauderdale
WJFG which houses 5 are a few:
91.1 FM ( mentioned above) Ft. Pierce/Port Saint Lucie/ Vero Beach
107.1 FM   The Palm Beaches/Riviera Beach
88.5  FM  Clewiston-Belle Glade,Fl

Rejoice 103.7 FM  Orlando Fla.

WWBC 94.7 FM  Freeport, Bahamas

There are also a few AM locations on the airwaves.  Many choices for this network.

If you are thinking about radio to expand your brand, consider Lisa Diane Hall and stay tuned as we explore other areas in this field.

Once again, thank you Lisa for spending time on the CASUAL CHAT today and for interviewing me on your show.....

Enjoy !

will have a whole new look in a few weeks !

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