Tuesday, July 26, 2016

What does "Social" mean anyway and how do you get it ?

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Back from Vegas with another awesome experience there ! We are in talks with an affiliate there to bring you our "Eyes" from the West.... 4 A STAR West.... so stay tuned for that.... so much happening as we move into the Fall Season...

Let's talk about "Social".  How do you get that?  Well, many of you may remember that a SOCIAL was sort of an event where you went out to meet people and mingle. Today, you do the same meeting, AND you do it on line !  Hence, Social Media...

I am not the social media guru. Everything I know about anything on line I pretty much taught myself. I am, however, and expert in meeting and connecting people and today we are connecting you with one of the best in the Social Media World.... ERIN MERCER 

Let's go back a little..... Erin got started in the social media arena when she was working at one of the Casino's in Atlantic City. She was trained by a Social Media "EXPERT" along with other responsibilities she held there. When the Casino downsized, she was the one who was out....

She started looking for Social media jobs in the local market and couldn't fine anything.....
That's when she realized that Social Media didn't exist in this area yet !!!

The light bulb came on and Mainspring Social Media was born. She started offering her services, in the Social Media World, to small and mid-sized businesses. Among her clients were Restaurants, Real Estate Agencies and also doing speakers pages to name a few.  Now she offers these same services to anyone .  She even now has a band she manages social media for. She has expanded to include Attorneys, Wedding agencies and is available to speak and train at businesses who may want to keep their Social Media IN HOUSE.   Wow !

So you get a feel for her background, Erin has a Bachelor's Degree in Communications. She's a member of the South Jersey Network, was featured in South Jersey Magazine and has a staff that has been trained through schooling with degrees in marketing and journalism ( and/or communications.)

You can find Erin Mercer on Face Book.
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