Saturday, July 9, 2016

So how can you FLOAT your troubles away ?

Hellooooooo all,

So good to be in here talking with you today. It's been a little traumatic as my daughter suffered a freak accident a couple of weeks ago and nearly lost one of her fingers. Not out of the woods yet. Doing fine after surgery.... just praying for an "infection free" 4 more weeks.....

Hope you had a chance to check out my post about being the LOCAL BARTENDER.... if not, take a moment and go back to it. I had the pleasure of meeting a local bartender who exemplified exactly what I was talking about. He has now taken something he stumbled upon to a new level. If you trust your instincts , they rarely let you down. I felt so comfortable with owner and operator
 JAMES GRISINGER, I could have sat and chatted with him for hours.....

So let's take it back a little.... James had been suffering from neck pain for quite some time. Working and standing up for long hours at a time didn't help his situation. He tried much medication, which he wasn't crazy about, and visited Doctor's to find out that he had some deterioration in his neck having bones rubbing together pretty much bone on bone.

Stumbling across a place to relax....James began to float ! Yes, I said it.....FLOAT !  What??? you mean just float?????  Coming from a family of swimmers , coaches, lifeguards and having a Sister who now owns 2 great Swim Clubs here in Galloway etc.... I just couldn't wrap my head around this concept. Me, the one who is always open to new things, didn't get it...... until yesterday !

This is such an up and coming form of meditation, relaxation, exercise for those who need extra sleep, stimulation etc....  Studies are even showing that floating can help with the stress of ailments such as Fibromyalgia  and Parkinson's Disease. Remember the word Disease...."Dis- ease" . Floating is designed to put your body at EASE. You can control your lighting with a small light up ball or use the lighting provided in the tank for a calm ease of your float. When your time is up, a gentle sound of music will come through the system to take you out of your "Zoning" or "Zen" experience.....

So let's get back to James.... owner and operator of STAYING AFLOAT right here in Galloway Township, N.J.  So when James started feeling better from floating, he was going to put one of these float chambers in his home !   Nah !!!!!!!    He kept telling people about it and they all wanted to try it. Well, here is the power of your connections. Through some friends, James was able to find and secure this great space as part of a chain of the new "common area" restaurants going up all over as well.  So in my talks with James, I found that there are 4 other float places in our general area..... 3 of them are about an hour away each.... now we have one right in our backyard in beautiful Galloway close to Stockton University.

The list is long for the benefits of floating. Just to name a few things:
It relieves physical and mental stress
Great for Meditation
Raises your "good mood" chemical body make -up  ..... 
......and much more.....

Your private tank area ( as pictured) contains about 10" of water and about 1,000 pounds of Epsom Salt.... Don't you remember the old adage, ".... go soak that in Epsom salt !" Well now you can and feel really good about it.

This is a very reasonable way to relax and rejuvenate  too. ( sorry for getting you with eyes closed in one of the shots, James... I know you couldn't wait to jump in and sleep.... haha)
And sleep you can as the Epsom Salt keeps you up and you can't roll over.  It's very hard to describe the feeling so my suggestion to you is to give it a try.... This is an up and coming trend so if you are not in THIS  area, look up FLOATING, and check it out....  If you are here, though, go visit James at

Staying Afloat  at the Exchange
80 W. Jimmie Leeds Road
Galloway, NJ 08205

Make sure you tell them Ava sent you and let me know how YOUR experience was...
You can float for only $65.00 for 90 minutes
3 floats for $ 140.00
a 3 1/2 hour float for $110.00  and there are also member packages available.
If you are a Veteran, You can float for $40.00 for 90 min...... Way cool !

I'd love to hear about your floating experience.... stay tuned as we are going to feature James and Staying afloat at the Casual Chat sometime the end of this Summer.....

Enjoy and Float On.....

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