Friday, November 1, 2019

Top/ Middle/ Bottom ? DAY 31 !!!

Good November Morning ( well now just after Noon)..... well, I was waiting and waiting to do our candy debate on Halloween.... once again, fell asleep over the laptop.... it WAS a long day yesterday and I topped it off with a movie....JOKER.  Good movie, dark, acting was amazing, just not my kind of movie even though I love the entire Batman Series.... this one is dark.  I won't say that I didn't enjoy it, just would not see it again. It's dark and disturbing. On to Candy  !!! Woop...

The the last of the October Great Debates.... How do you eat your candy corn? ( of course the photos are making me want some... LOL)   Top off, from the middle, from the bottom or do you just pop the whole thing in your mouth....
I like to each the bottom yellow first, then I eat the rest......

So easy peasy.... How do you eat your candy corn?

*photos from google images and Shutterstock

Hope you had a wonderful Halloween !!!!
Enjoy !

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