Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Let's talk Turkey !

Wow ! I can't believe Turkey Day is here already.  Let the eating and shopping begin ! LOL

 Many of us have said we thought 2019 was a horrible year...Let's stay focused on what we are thankful and grateful for and let's look ahead to better times. I know there are close friends of mine, family, and even our own family going through "things" as we round out 2019....

Let's support each other where we can and know that there is a higher power guiding us no matter how we believe in it. For now, relax ....keep calm and Turkey on !

For those who are vegetarian or vegan, check out Tofurky products.... totally Vegan and Kosher !!!!
*just google tofurky   ( or click the link I enclosed for you... :)  )  Oh and don't forget about the butterball hotline if you need any questions answered about your Turkey !
 ( The hotline comes right up at the top of the web page)

So a little Turkey humor as we approach Thanksgiving !

So a little Turkey humor as we approach Thanksgiving !

Y'all have a wonderful Day !

Enjoy !...

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