Monday, October 2, 2017

Coffee and Tighe anyone? Elvis spotlight #2

Hello all,

My 2 words for  October -  CRAZY SCHEDULES ! That said let's get Rockin' and Rollin' with our 2nd spotlight feature on ETA's ( Elvis Tribute Artists)

Before we do, I'd like to extend my thoughts and prayers out to all who live in the Las Vegas area. My heart goes out to you ! One of my favorite Cities, One of Elvis' favorite cities too. You are in my Thoughts and Prayers !

Let's now give a brief shout out to our very first ETA- Mr. Richie Santa.... Wow ! this is going to be such a fun journey as we have tribute artists lined up for this blog through the New Year ! I hope you will take the ride with us each month as we spotlight an ETA.... you can find Richie at  or  contact Kathy at 917 669 6729

So let's talk coffee and Tighe?  No, not Tea, you saw it right.... Tighe.... as in Jimmy Tighe !

                                                                      570 885 1091

I have been talking with Jimmy over the past few weeks via Face Book and I feel like I have known him my whole life. ( Funny, felt like that after I met Richie , Too). Must be the Elvis connection we all have.  I will be heading out to see Jimmy perform at the Avenue Diner in Wyoming , PA   on Oct. 18th.  Once a month, Jimmy performs there.

You can reserve a seat by contacting Paula:
570-430-9466 for reservations

and come enjoy the once a month events. My understanding is that he PACKS  the place just about each and every month.  ( So getting a reservation early is best. You can find Jimmy on Face Book under JIMMY ELVIS)  Reach out to him and tell him Ava sent you. The rest will fall into place.... 
More contact for Jimmy below.

                                      Avenue Diner 22 Wyoming Ave. Wyoming , PA. 18644                                                                                                                

Let's go back to the beginning now and take a look at the humble start of Jimmy's career.... lives in  Having some physical issues early in his life, Jimmy is thankful to have had them resolved and from an early age wanted to sing. His parents played all types of Rock and Roll around the house, including that of Elvis.  In 1998, Jimmy's parents took him to see and ETA. From that point on Jimmy knew he wanted not only to sing, but to try to represent Elvis on stage in a respectful way. He wanted to keep his memory alive.  

Over the years, he's attended several Elvis weeks in Memphis, sang at Graceland Crossings and competed in the 2003 IMAGES OF THE KING Contest.  It was important to Jimmy to experience the environment and Southern Culture that Elvis came from if he were going to perform as an ETA. 

Jimmy has an associates degree in Broadcasting and Communications and performs on a regular basis at many local facilities.  Along the way, he met many personal  friends of Elvis such as Joe Esposito, DJ Fontana and Ray Walker. He even had the Sweet Inspirations sing back up for him in the audience at a local hotel. Many of you know that the Sweet Inspirations also sang back up for Elvis from 1969-1977. The group was founded in part by 'Cissy' Houston, Whitney Houston's Mother.  (Center Right of photo)

In the last handful of years, Jimmy has competed in the Pocono Elvis Festival and the Lake George Elvis Festival. In 2015 Jimmy snagged 5th place at the Lake George Festival in the Non-Pro 70's division. Most recently, Jimmy took a ride to the Dewey Beach Elvis Fest and I can't wait to talk to him about that one as the photos were really cool. ( Including a very young ETA that we will have a talk about).  

You can contact Jimmy several ways:  

On the web at 

OR you can always reach out to me at for any information on our blog post content. 

Better yet, if you are in the Pennsylvania area and can get out to the  Exeter/Wyoming Pa. area, come see Jimmy in person at the Avenue Diner. He announces his show dates on line after each performance ( of the next upcoming show).  AND THE SEATS FILL UP FAST !

The only cost to the Diner show is to buy your meal.... so come out and enjoy some coffee and Tighe!

......and don't forget to tell them Ava sent you !...... 


Enjoy !

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