Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Find your HAPPY and more....

Hellooooooo all,

I hope the Holiday Season, no matter what you celebrate, has brought you joy as we approach the New Year. Let's be grateful as we move forward to 2017.

First, let me conclude our Elvis Sightings for this year....

# 11. Elvis was an answer to a jeopardy question .
#12.  Elvis was a special guest on America's Got talent Holiday Spectacular.... yep, they brought in Terry Fator !!!!   Love him. If you are not familiar, Terry is a ventriloquist who won the show in Season 2. He now has a home on the Las Vegas Stage doing great things with his puppets. He sang Blue Christmas with his Elvis pal on the holiday show and it was amazing !

and we end with # 13. ( Day after Christmas, however it was fitting to end with 13)

Art and I had the pleasure of a gift certificate to the fabulous LB ONE steakhouse . On the walls there are photos from great classic movies and some great memories of film etc...
One of the photos features the "Hollywood Diner" showing Marilyn Monroe, James Dean...couldn't quite make out the other person in the photo however Elvis was unmistakable.

And there we have that chapter.... maybe we will visit that again next year....

On to finding your HAPPY !  
Life is too short to agonize over things that are troubling us. I know, we have heard this all before, we have said and done all the things to give us clarity as the year closes out..... ok, if you have done that, continue on that path. If you haven't done that, think hard about the things that make you feel good and feel happy. THAT is where your success will lie in both business and in life. Positive begets Positive and happy releases positive chemicals in your body that make you feel good. When you feel good you do your best work, your best "play" and your best Happy !  It is all too often that we hear sad news around the holidays.... life it too short. Don't wait on finding your Happy. Let that  take whatever is going on into another direction .You will be able to handle it better.

Find your Happy as we move into 2017. I look forward to writing with you all year and being Happy in all of our Journey's.

From our house to yours, have a wonderful , safe, fun, and Happy New Year !

Enjoy !

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