Thursday, September 22, 2016

Are YOU familiar with Sneaker Violence?

How the Universe Works from one Holly to another Holley......

What is sneaker violence anyway?  Did you know that 1,200 people die each year over sneakers???

Let's go back to how the Universe works... it's amazing. I think if more and more younger people would take heart into the way of the Universe, the World will become a better place overall. I see it every day and I'm constantly saying that I want to instill the laws of the Universe into our youth...... so let's go back....

Some years ago, I had the pleasure of working with one of the nicest men you'd ever want to meet. His name , David Holley. Since we shared the same last name minus the "e", we would always address each other as Holley. Didn't know him well, yet we did have many a cool conversation. He met my Mom a few times at some special events... Funny, I saw David just a few days before he passed away.....he looked right into my eyes and spoke about my Mom, who had already passed away.... the Universe was speaking as I felt a haunting when he was talking to me.....
As if my Mom was talking to me.......

Now, years later, I meet a bright young man, my daughter's age, on the radio where I am now doing a segment on Saturday evenings....
 His name, Dante Holley.  I didn't make any connection at first. I fell in love with what he is doing and wanted to interview him for this blog.... as we spoke about meeting etc... I asked him if he knew David. I mean they had the same last name AND they both had the "e" in it..... Dante is David's son.............. and here is the story...............

Last year, on Sept 17th, Dante and his family lost their home to a fire.  At first, he was upset having lost many "material things" including his sneaker collection. When the initial shock wore off and Dante went to re build his life..... He saw a TWEET from Kanye West about a contest he was having. The winner would get a pair of brand new  Yeezy Boost Private Blacks. Boy, did he want them..... he had to answer a question . He answered 5 times and his 2nd answer was the right one. There were 30 winners..... the other 29 all came in 2nd . Dante had the first winning answer.... not only did he get the sneakers, he also got VIP treatment at one of Kanye's shows.... he was interviewed on MTV, Fox News and countless other places.... it was overwhelming............
When he returned home, social media wasn't the same anymore..... it was filled with notes from teens and young adults all over telling Dante how inspiring he was to be there representing N.J.  and all that......Dante said to me, "There was more interest in this Sneaker Contest then there was about him losing his home."  Over 3 million people entered this contest......
The Universe was starting to talk to him...... He realized that kids were classifying others by their shoes !!!!   What do they look at first? Do you have this sneaker? This shoe? If not you are bullied, robbed and the like............ to the tune of 1,200 deaths a year !

Dante again said to me, "How are people going to take a 20 year old, black teenager, with no college under his belt yet seriously?"  He found one of the largest foundations out there donating shoes to people who can't afford them.... SOLES 4 SOULS (
He partnered with them to create awareness and preparedness for what he is on a path to unleash......

Sat. is the first 5K run to raise awareness for SNEAKER VIOLENCE.  The event is 9/24 Sat. from 8AM-2PM starting at Kennedy Plaza on the boardwalk in Atlantic City. If you are in the area, you still have time to register at   Proceeds to benefit God's Gift a non profit organization associated with the Kingdom Academy. They offer kids instruction  during after school hours to pursue their passions.....singing/acting...whatever they dream....

Over the past 3 months Dante, along with the efforts of  soles4souls  , has collected over 1,000 shoes. Saturday will be the last drop off location and shoes will be distributed Globally. Dante wishes to set up these 5k runs across the Country. There were drop off locations set up all Summer all across N.J.   See the list below.

Thank you, Dante Holley, for raising awareness..........for helping us to realize that material things are fun to have. They are not EVERYTHING. They are not to be used to bully people , to rob people over and to kill. Shame on those that do that !

More to come on this story as we follow it into the future and see where we can tie it into some of our other work !


- Kingdom Academy Pre- School (253 North New Road, Pleasantville NJ 08232)
- 2nd Chance Sneaker Boutique ( 130 new jersey Ave, Absecon NJ 08201)
- Atlantic City PAL (250 N New York Ave, Atlantic City, NJ 08401)
- Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City (317 N Pennsylvania Ave, Atlantic City, NJ 08401)
- A&O Barber Shop (1002 New Road, Northfield, NJ 08225)
- Mt. Zion Baptist Church (353 S New Road, Pleasantville, NJ 08232)
- Sneaker Villa (1625 Atlantic Ave, Atlantic City, NJ 08401)
- Pleasantville Rec Center (400 Brighton Ave, Pleasantville, NJ 08232)
- Highgate Apartment Building (655 absecon blvd ac nj 08401)
- Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the South Jersey Shore (75 south Pomona road, galloway 08205)
- Price Memorial Ame Zion Church (525 Atlanta Ave, Atlantic City 08401)
- Highgate Apartment Building of Atlantic City (655 Absecon Blvd, Atlantic City, NJ 08401)
-   All Wars Memorial Building (1510 Adriatic Ave, Atlantic City, NJ 08401)

Enjoy !

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